Skip the Flowers and Send These Food-Packed Birthday Gifts Instead

Goldbelly is stocked with a bountiful selection of shippable fresh cakes, cookies, treats and more from popular purveyors all across the country.

Goldbelly/Enzy's Cookies
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Sending birthday gifts from afar can get a bit routine. Flowers, a card, it's all a bit...expected. But you know what never disappoints or gets old? Food. Particularly when it's unexpected, and from a beloved bakery or restaurant the recipient loves but rarely gets to visit. Enter: Goldbelly, and its incredible selection of shippable birthday goodies from some of the most iconic eateries in the country. 

To help inspire your birthday gifting going forward, we've pulled together a selection of some of the most popular (and delicious) cookies, cakes, brownies, donuts, and more that ship fresh via Goldbelly and arrive ready to devour on the doorstep of whoever's special day it is. Just don't blame us if you decide to send yourself a gift, too.

Choose-Your-Own 8 Killer Brownies
Although not all brownies are created equal, the rich and decadent versions from Killer Brownie exist on a totally different level. This box comes packed with 8 different brownies (each weighing in at a third of a pound) from the Ohio-based outfit in flavors of your choosing, including The Original, Peanut Butter, German Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Blonde Ambition, Salted Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Confetti, or Raspberry.
Confetti Cake
Magnolia Bakery's famed cupcakes? Sure, they're great. But this six inch Confetti Cake with vanilla buttercream is a slightly more substantial treat to arrive on someone's doorstop. Plus, you can also add a Happy Birthday inscription should you want to make it extra special.
The Doughboy's Best Sellers - 12 Pack
For the donut fiends in your midst, this is the ultimate birthday delivery. This box from famed Stan's Donuts (a longtime LA institution that's now operating out of Chicago) comes packed with a dozen of its phenomenally flavorful bestsellers in the brand's signature pink box. In it they'll receive the following donuts: Cinnamon Sugar Cake, Vanilla Sprinkled Cake, ,Powered Sugar Cake, Cherry Old Fashioned, Lemon Pistachio Old Fashioned, Blueberry Old Fashioned, Glazed Old Fashioned, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake with Sprinkles, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Dipped, and Apple Fritter.
Birthday Sugar Cookies - 12 Pack
It's hard to imagine improving upon the humble sugar cookie, but Laura Enzbrenner of Enzy's Cookies managed to do just that. These delectable treats are made with special ingredients (spoiler: one is sour cream) and feature a creamy almond frosting that together achieve a perfect flavor profile. Plus, they come adorably decorated (and sprinkled!) to look like celebratory birthday cupcakes.
Taste of the Farm Gift Box from Blackberry Farm
For the charcuterie board-obsessed, this incredibly well stocked sampler from Tennessee's Blackberry Farm comes with a true smorgasbord of super fresh goodness. In it, you'll find two seasonal cheeses, Sheep’s Pimento cheese, sweet hot mustard, blackberry shortbread cookies, blackberry Jam, reserved blueberry jam, buttermilk biscuits, smoked onion jam, tomato brined okra, a Foothills Cuisine Cookbook, and a Blackberry Farm cap.
Cookies + Brownies Gift Box from Tartine Bakery
Frequently cited as one of America's favorite bakeries, San Francisco's Tartine is renowned for its breads and pastries, and this pack delivers some of that goodness fresh. Inside, it's stocked with two bags of Tartine's incredibly popular brownies, and one bag of 10 mini chocolate chip cookies.
Happy Birthday Donuts from Angel Food Bakery
Why spell out your best wishes on a cake when you can spell them out in donuts? This unique pack of donuts from Minnesota's Angel Food Bakery spells out Happy Birthday in 13 letter-shaped baked good in a variety of flavors including Chocolate with Sprinkles "Saturday Morning Cartoons" (fruity pebbles), Vanilla with Sprinkles, Orange Blossom, You Want Samoa This, and Raspberry Chocolate Chip.
Jacques’ World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies - 12 Pack
Arguably the most famous cookie in NYC, this pack of 12 delectable chocolate chip-packed goodies from Jacques Torres is the perfect gift for anyone whose sweet tooth can't be tamed.
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