10 Standout Seafood Spots Around the Country That Will Deliver Fresh to Your Door

Whether you're craving a fresh Maine lobster roll, Wellfleet oysters, or Alaskan king crab legs, you can get it all shipped super-fresh to your door from iconic U.S. seafood purveyors.

Goldbelly/Seabear Smokehouse
Goldbelly/Seabear Smokehouse
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There really isn't anything that compares to sitting down at a picnic table at an old-school seafood shack and feasting on a lobster roll. Or a plate of clam strips. Or crab legs. Or... ok we'll stop we're making ourselves hungry. The point is, nothing beats a fresh spread of seafood in the summer. 

However, you don't have to be near a beach town -- or even a coastline -- to get your hands on the good stuff from some of the most iconic seafood joints and markets in the country. If you're worried you might miss out on your fix this summer and still want to treat yourself to some deliciousness from the ocean at home, we tracked down some of the best fresh fish, shellfish, and meal kits you can get delivered direct to your door via Goldbelly from some of the finest purveyors around the country. 


Price: $180
If you can't get to Maine, let Maine come to you in the form of this DIY lobster roll kit. Beal's Lobster Pier has been providing Bar Harbor (and the rest of Maine) with incredibly fresh, top quality lobster, and now they're making it easy for you to make its signature roll at home. This pack comes with everything you'll need to recreate four of them: 1 pound fresh lobster meat, 4 fresh brioche buns, Beal's "buttah," Beal's mayo, and two small bags of potato chips. 

Goldbelly/Jerry's Seafood

Price: $109
Forget crabcakes, Crab Bombs are where it's at. Jerry's Seafood in Bowie has been a Maryland staple for 40 years, and you can get its famous Crab Bombs shipped to prepare at home. In the box, you'll get 2, 4, or 6 Bombs (up to you), each of which contains 10 ounces of fresh, hand-picked jumbo lump crab meat mixed with a "touch" of triple yoke mayo, and lightly seasoned with Old Bay. 

Goldbelly/Topsail Steamer

Price: $129
North Carolina's Topsail Steamer has perfected the art of crafting DIY steampots, doing all the grunt work (and making all the mess) so you can simply steam them and eat. The Crabby Steamer Pot comes with a whole slew of deliciousness packed into its own steam bucket including large shrimp, snow crab, sweet corn, red bliss potatoes, and homemade seasoning. Plus, it even includes plenty of brown paper so you can can authentically cover your table while you devour everything.

Goldbelly/Wellfleet Shellfish Co.

Price: $109
Feeling brave enough to shuck yourself? Cape Cod's Wellfleet Shellfish Co. ships delicious briny and creamy Wellfleet Oysters (harvested daily from Wellfleet Harbor) nationwide. This pack includes 50 oysters shipped fresh on ice, and you can even opt to have them include a shucker. 

Goldbelly/Seabear Smokehouse

Price: $89
Fresh from the Barents Sea (via Alaska), this succulent pack includes two pounds worth of fully cooked meaty King Crab Legs, which is enough to serve between two and four people.

Goldbelly/Honolulu Fish Company

Price: $209
If you're in the mood for some sashimi grade Ahi tuna, Honolulu Fish Company will hook you up. This box contains a huge (three pound) Hawaiian Ahi tuna ultra filet, which is the best grade of Ahi you can get in the world (and typically very hard to come by).

Goldbelly/Eventide Oyster Co.

Price: $99
Did you think this list would be complete without at least two lobster roll options? This brown butter version from Maine's Eventide Oyster Co. is quite a bit different from the more traditional one from Beal's, but it's nonetheless incredibly tasty. In this pack you'll get everything you need to make four of them at home yourself, including 12 ounces of picked lobster meat, 6 ounces brown butter vinaigrette, 4 steamed bao buns, and chives for garnish. 

Goldbelly/Santa Barbara Stone Crab Co.

Price: $159
Looking for a proper crab feast? This Stone Crab Claw box from Santa Barbara Stone Crab Co. comes delivered super-fresh (literally within 24 hours of harvest), so you can indulge as if you were right on the boardwalk. It's packed with either five or 10 pounds of uncracked Medium Pacific Stone Crab Claws (up to you), homemade mustard sauce, plus the necessary tools you'll need to get to the meat (a wooden crab mallet and metal crab cracker). 

Goldbelly/Pike Place Fish Market

Price: $44.99 per pound
Even people who aren't super into fish can be fully converted with a delicious piece of salmon, and if you want the best, you'll want to snag some Wild Pacific King filets. These are delivered fresh overnight (never frozen) from Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market, and available by the pound (the filets pictured above are about 4-5 pounds each). 

Goldbelly/Louisiana Crawfish

Price: $99
Though throwing a proper crowded crawfish boil isn't a wise plan at the moment, you can still enjoy your own modest version at home with this bountiful box from Lousiana Crawfish. In it, you'll get 10 pounds of large, freshly boiled and seasoned Cajun crawfish (enough to feed three to six people) delivered straight to your door.

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