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The Gifts Thrillist Staffers Are Asking for This Year

We polled our illustrious Thrillist colleagues to see what items are on their lists year, and why.

Thrillist/Maggie Rossetti
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At Thrillist, we pride ourselves on helping you live your best life, whether that's helping you figure out where to eat tonight, where to book your next vacation (when we can comfortably travel again), or simply, how to safely enjoy yourself in your city during these trying times. This season, it's also our goal to make it just a bit easier to help cross people off your holiday shopping lists.

To that end, we tapped into our well of expert recommenders—our own Thrillist colleagues—to find out what they've got their eye on for gifts this year, in hopes that it may inspire ideas for the people you're buying for, or even for yourself. 

Maggie Rossetti

A Dutch oven

Price: $250
"A dutch oven! My sourdough bread-making hobby has turned from 'fad I learned at the start of quarantine because everyone else is doing it' to 'thing I actually enjoy doing' and I think it's time to upgrade my equipment, and subsequently, my bread. Fun fact: I moved my sourdough starter from NYC to Cleveland because I love it so much!”
-Maddie Bensinger, Audience Development Coordinator

Maggie Rossetti

Bose Sleepbuds

Price: $249
“Because New York City is an inherently noisy place, and my upstairs neighbors seem dead-set on exercising early in the morning and vacuuming late at night, I've been thinking of looking into some sort of noise-cancelling, sleep-specific earbuds to drown out the world. I haven't looked into these much, but something like these Bose Sleepbuds are what I'm looking for. They obviously need to be comfortable so I don't roll over and puncture my eardrum, but I also am terrified of oversleeping so I need a built-in (reliable) alarm. Ultimately, I just need something that keeps me asleep until I intend to get up, which also prevents me from going upstairs and melting down.”
-Pete Dombrosky, Managing Editor

Maggie Rossetti

The Polaroid One Step+ camera

Price: $140
"I love taking pictures, but usually take living in NYC for granted (as in, my pictures here are mostly IG stories). As I've been getting out in Brooklyn more and more and taking in the seasons, I've been taking more pictures. This camera is a great throwback that's incredibly user-friendly, compatible with i-Type and 600 instant film, and will even connect to your smartphone to unlock a bunch of cool, creative tools—like a self-timer, light painting, manual controls, and more."
-Alex Robinson, Commerce Editor

Maggie Rossetti

Pendleton Craftsman Collection Blanket

Price: $289
"You know you've reached a certain age when you start to get excited about blankets as a holiday gift…. but here we are. As I look towards what may—unfortunately—be a dark, cold winter, I'd like to set myself up for some occasional bits of warmth and color. Which is exactly what this Pendleton Blanket represents. It's an excellent choice for cozying up to a roaring fire on a Wyoming ranch with the Grand Tetons as your backdrop…or cozying up with a roaring episode of Floor Is Lava on a pile of ranch-flavored Doritos with your living room wall as your backdrop. These blankets are iconic (they've been making them since Lincoln was POTUS!), seriously snug, and can add a much-needed splash of cozy flair to your next stage of quarantining. And, you know, everything after."
-Wil Fulton, Producer

Maggie Rossetti

Le Creuset Flower Cocotte & Ramekins set

Price: $200
"I really, really want to get my hands on a Le Creuset Flower Cocotte. I love the different ways I can use this—as a Dutch oven for baking loaves of bread, as a pot for simmering curries or soups, or for browning meats and caramelizing onions. Le Creuset is a trusted brand with products meant to last a lifetime, so the investment feels worthwhile. It also helps that the flower shape is adorable and comes in a variety of fun colors; I just know this would look so cute in my kitchen."
-Kat Thompson, Staff Writer

Maggie Rossetti

Instant Vortex Air Fryer

Price: $89
“I really want an air fryer because it’s all over TikTok and I fancy myself one with Gen-Z. I don’t know how much I will use it and I suspect the novelty will wear off, which is why I’m asking someone else to buy it for me.”
-Kaley Webb, Associate Editor

Maggie Rossetti

Sonos One speakers

Price: $199
"I've been quietly lusting after my friends' Sonos setups, and after hemming and hawing over what audio system to settle on for my new apartment, I'm convinced Sonos is the way to go. The One speakers are small but mighty, and a single one can fill an entire room with rich, lush sound. Plus, I can eventually add other Ones to other rooms, and create the ultimate 'multiple audio zone' dream setup. Ya know, eventually."
-Joe McGauley, Commerce Managing Editor

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