Delicious Gifts for the Meat & Fish Lovers in Your Life

From online butcher subscriptions to bundles of premium meat perfect for holiday feasts, these gifts should delight the carnivores and pescatarians on your list who love to cook.

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While there is certainly something quaint and charming about buying fresh beef, pork, and chicken from your local butcher, it’s tough to beat the convenience of having super-fresh, sustainably raised meat delivered directly to your door. And that’s doubly true during a pandemic. 

If there were ever a year to send sustainably sourced meat as a gift, this is it. If you have some discerning, carnivorous cooks on your list, this guide is for you. We’ve pulled together some of the best meat and fish purveyors online that offer a variety of gift subscriptions, curated boxes, and customizable collections to suit a smattering of different tastes. Just be careful not to shop on an empty stomach.

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Porter Road Gift Subscriptions

Price: $70 and up
Porter Road sources its premier selection of beef, pork, and poultry from pastures in Kentucky, New York,  and Pennsylvania, and offers a variety of special Gift Subscriptions, including a "Grill Master" box (steaks, sausages, and burger patties), a "Stay At Home" bundle (dry aged ground beef, ground pork, Italian sausage, and country breakfast sausage), a "Butcher's Choice" box (dry aged steaks, pork chops, ground beef, bacon, and seasonal selections), and more.

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Cooks Venture

Price: $80 and up
For the chicken-obsessed cook on your list, Cooks Venture offers a delicious selection of pasture-raised heirloom birds (non-GMO fed and no antibiotics ever). They're available for purchase/gifting in four different boxes: 6 Whole Chickens, 4 Whole Chickens, a curated box of various cuts (16 pounds in total), or a 12-pound box of boneless cuts. 

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ButcherBox Subscriptions

Price: $129 and up
Arguably the most well-known online purveyor of sustainably sourced meat, ButcherBox insists on stocking only 100% grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork. It's also subscription based, so you can sign up your giftee to receive any number of different boxes stocked with the sort of things they most enjoy. There a mixed boxes with pork, chicken and beef, all-beef boxes, beef & chicken boxes, beef & pork boxes, and even a customizable option filled with specific items of your choosing. Bottom line, this is a great option if you want to set up your recipient with recurring shipments they'll be able to enjoy all year. 

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Vital Box Subscriptions

Price; $129 and up
For the seafood-obsessed cook on your list, Vital Box is the perfect choice to set them up with a bounty of delicious and sustainably caught ingredients. The company prides itself on offering only premium, sustainably wild caught seafood, and has a trio of different well-stocked boxes to pick from including the Salmon Box (featuring things like lox, sockeye burgers, salmon sausage and bacon), the Wild Fish box (featuring salmon, white fish, and tuna, all curated from a master list of more than a dozen wild fish species), and the Wild Seafood box, which features salmon, white fish, and tuna, plus a rotating selection of wild shrimp, prawns, scallops, and calamari.

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Farm Foods

Prices vary
If you'd prefer to gift meat a la carte (rather than in a larger subscription box), Farm Foods may be your best bet. Beyond offering transparency on the origins of all the meat it sells (what exact farm it's from, how it was raised, what it was fed, etc.), you can easily purchase individual products, which allows you to keep the price down and get the person you're shopping for exactly what you think they'd like. And in terms of selection, FF has an enormous variety of meat and meat products up for grabs, from the expected cuts (beef, pork, chicken, etc.), to more niche items like elk, pheasant, bison, duck, and lamb, plus jerkies, offal, and bones. 

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Price: $12 and up
Another great option if you're looking to gift individual steaks or cuts of meat, Rastelli's offers an incredibly diverse selection of proteins, from pork, beef, and chicken, to wild-caught seafood, and even some meat-free alternatives for the vegetarians and vegans on your list. The company also insists on stocking exclusively antibiotic, hormone, steroid-free meats, and sources only sustainably raised or wild-caught fish. Of course, if you'd prefer to send a curated spread of goodies, they also have a catalog of 12 well-stocked, gift-worthy boxes for all manner of palates. 

Grace Han

Crowd Cow

Price: $15 and up
Another devout believer in the "food transparency movement" (e.g., knowing where exactly your food comes from and how it was raised), Crowd Cow has a vast selection of delicious protein up for grabs. And while you can certainly shop a la carte for a type of meat or cut you know your recipient would love (you can even shop by individual farms of origin), they also offer a wonderful gifting section. It's complete with thoughtfully curated selections and organized by price point and starting at $52.

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