Gifts Under $50 You Can Buy on Amazon for Every Kind of Mom

John Samels
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Despite their unconditional love, moms can be impossible to shop. Yeah, she’ll tell you she loves that hastily wrapped candle you bought at the mall, but does she really? It’s like the “art” you’d bring back from school as a kid. She’ll gush over it telling you it’s beautiful, but you know deep down, it isn’t. 

Tracking down the perfectly thoughtful gift for the most important woman in your life doesn’t need to be so tough, though. Frankly, Amazon is packed to the digital gills with excellent options for every kind of mom. Of course, it’s easy to be instantly overwhelmed by the vast variety and feel like you’ve been sucked into a black hole, losing track of time and space altogether in just a couple clicks. That’s where we come in. We’ve made it a little bit easier by plucking some solid gift ideas for every kind of mom. 

Amazon/John Samels

The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care

Price: $14.99
For moms that embrace the whole astrology thing, The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care is filled with gems and bits of wisdom that can be applied in everyday situations. Overall, the illustrated handbook provides a guide of all manner of “potent, accessible rituals that [they’ll] want to call on again and again throughout the year to feel more grounded, aligned with their purpose.”

Amazon/John Samels

Platters and Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion

Price: $16.60
If your mom’s always looking for an excuse to entertain, this book should give her plenty of helpful inspiration. It features 40 different spreads to drool over, and comes with tips for portioning, how to use the choose the right serving vessels, and plenty of pairing recommendations.

Amazon/John Samels

Purple Succulents Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $22
It’s almost like somebody looked at moderately challenging jigsaw puzzle and said, “Eh, make it impossible.” Better Co. makes some of the hardest puzzles, like this 1,000-piece wonder. Even the most advanced puzzlers might struggle with this one. Good luck, mom.

Amazon/John Samels

Passport Holder

Price: $24
The little travel accessory that every frequent flier needs, this technicolor passport wallet from Lilly Pulitzer keeps all the important stuff -- IDs, passports, boarding passes, credit cards, and cash -- all neatly organized and at the ready. 

Amazon/John Samels

Assorted Vahdam Teas

Price: $24.99
If it’s good enough for Oprah it’s good enough for mom. This posh Vahdam loose leaf box set, which includes a trio of tins stocked with three different tea blends (Saffron Masala Chai, Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea & Earl Grey Masala Chai). It’s also one of the media queen’s favorite things, so it will undoubtedly become one of your mom’s, too.

Amazon/John Samels

Jonathan Adler Scented Candle

Price: $28
Packed in a box featuring Jonathan Adler’s signature, bold style, this Jet Set Acapulco scented candle with its notes of sage and fir balsam, provides an instant sensory getaway to the ocean  (without the jet lag). Plus it’s made from a soy/paraffin blend which makes for a stronger scent reach and overall cleaner burn.  

Amazon/John Samels

KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

Price: $29.97
Some mornings there’s only time to frantically pour some coffee and go. This reusable BPA-free, tempered blown glass coffee cup -- which sports a classy cork sleeve -- is the perfect caffeinenated beverage vessel those busy mornings. Honestly, it’s handsome enough to become her favorite coffee cup for leisurely ones, too.

Amazon/John Samels

Blooms: A Contemporary Floral Design 

Price: $33.46 
The act of arranging flowers may seem pretty straightforward, but Blooms: A Contemporary Floral Design shows how today’s top floral designers are going above and beyond to create works of art with plants, among other things. Who knows, the stories and visuals may inspire her to actually enroll in that flower arranging class she’s always talked about.

Amazon/John Samels

The North Face Triple Cable Fur Pom Beanie 

Price: $35.95
A winter hat may seem like an overly practical gift for your mom, but if she needs a new one, this one steps it up a bit with just the right amount of flair. Although The North Face is renowned for its technical cold weather gear, it also makes stylish accessories like this --  perfect for those of us who aren’t scaling mountains and navigating black diamonds every weekend and just need something to stay warm. 

Amazon/John Samels

Porcelain Dessert Plates

Price: $35.99
For moms who live to throw a proper dinner party, these gorgeous porcelain dessert plates are going to take her tablescaping to the next level. Decorated with vivid brushstrokes, they add a pop of color to the dessert table, and make for a great display to showcase tiny cakes, cookies, macaroons, truffles, or whatever other sweet treats she has up her sleeve.


Sparkling Rose Sugarfina Cocktail Kit

Price: $29.95
Next time your mom pops a bottle of bubbly, she can step it up with this classy cocktail kit from luxury candy store Sugarfina. Each kit comes with a bottle of rose simple syrup and bitters to add to glasses of prosecco, sparkling wine, or Champagne, and a pack of “Fruitini” gummies, which add an extra bit of fizz when dropped in (just a heads up, it doesn't come with a bottle of bubbly, so you'll probably want to include one with it).

Amazon/John Samels

Nest Fragrances Reed Diffuser

Price: $47.82
Nest has become one of the most popular home scent brands in recent years, and its reed diffusers offer a nice (and longer lasting) alternative to traditional candles by continuously filling a space with fragrance for up to 90 days. Though she may have a preferred scent of choice, we’re partial to Nest’s grapefruit offering, which combines notes of pink pomelo grapefruit with “watery green nuances” evoking coriander blossom and lily of the valley.

Amazon/John Samels

Manduka Welcome Yoga Mat

Price: $47.99
Yoga gurus and total beginners can bring their practice to this double-sided yoga mat, which is lightweight and equipped with a nice grippy texture. If your mom is in the latter camp, It even features an alignment stripe to help guide poses so she can get her warrior just right. 

Amazon/John Samels

ENO Lightweight Camping Hammock

Price: $49.95
A camping hammock might just spark those resolutions to spend more time outdoors in the new year. Or, perhaps just to take more naps. Whatever it inspires, this hammock from ENO makes for a great addition to her arsenal of camping gear (or an excuse to take more backyard naps).

Amazon/John Samels

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Price: $49.99
Help your mom enjoy her beloved vino even more with this brilliant tool kit stocked with all the right stuff. The sleek system includes an electric wine bottle opener, a 2-in-1 aerator and pourer to bring out the full flavor of whatever’s being sipped, and an electric bottle sealing system that automatically extracts air to preserve leftovers for as long as possible.

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