The Best Gifts for Moms That They’ll Actually Like

John Samels
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There are two types of people when it comes to holiday shopping. Those who embrace it fully and thoughtfully purchase things ahead of time, and those who scramble in a last-minute panic to find something just right. And if you relate to the Grinch more than Buddy the Elf, you probably fall into the latter camp. Unlike the Grinch, though, you’re in good company.

Plenty of us struggle with finding the right gift, which is why we’ve assembled this nifty guide to help you track down something perfect for the person who cares about you most: your mom. Just don’t ask us how to pull off a mom-worthy wrapping job  -- that’s on you.

World Market

6-Bottle Wine Rack 

Price: $24.00
A bottle of wine is lovely. Six bottles of wine? Even lovelier. This 6-bottle wine rack comes in a trendy hexagonal shape and doesn’t take up a ton of counter space. What better way to score some points with moms who know the difference between their cabernets and syrahs?


Monogrammed Luggage Tag

Price: $26
This one is for all the jet-setting mammas out there. A monogramed calf leather animal print luggage tag makes a stylish addition to any piece of luggage, and more importantly, will make it easier for her to spot her rolling bag on the conveyor next time she braves the hordes at baggage claim.

Urban Outfitters

Jewelry Storage Hanging Mirror

Price: $28
For any mom who enjoys multitasking and keeping things organized, this beautiful piece of decor doubles as a mirror and jewelry rack. Pair it with an actual piece of jewelry she can store on it and you’re approaching favorite child territory. 


Cheese Knives

Price: $38
For moms who love entertaining and tiny dogs (and entertaining tiny dogs), you may want to consider this trio of brass cheese knives with handles shaped into adorable Dachsunds. You may want to advise her to keep a close eye on them during her parties, though, because these are just the sort of thing other moms may be tempted to steal after a few glasses of wine.


Wrap Scarf

Price: $48
It’s hard to forget that oversized scarf Lenny Kravitz wore on the streets of New York a few years back. It’s a fashion moment that will undoubtedly be memed in perpetuity. Frankly, oversized is in  — even all these years later, and this one is perfect for any mom who likes making a bold fashion statement. 


Mixing Bowls

Price: $48.99
Mixing bowls are an invaluable kitchen staple, but most are pretty basic and boring. And sure, at the end of the day basic gets the job done, but it’s not going to cut it when you’re looking for something presentable for the dining table. That’s where this beautifully designed ceramic duo pulls a one-two punch by being both super functional and charming enough to earn some real estate during mealtime. 


Silk Pillowcases

Price: $59.99
Silk pillowcases, like gourmet chocolate, land on the list of life’s little luxuries. They’re nothing like your average pillowcase, and provide a silky-smooth alternative that’s often credited with keeping skin extra soft and hair healthy. Perfect for any mom who enjoys everyday self-pampering.


Herman Miller: A Way of Living

Price: $61.76
A good coffee table book can break silence and spark conversation, but it also adds an air of sophistication to any space. This book celebrating the iconic furniture company Herman Moiller is a gracious gift for any design-obsessed mom, who’ll also probably brag to her friends who compliment her on it that it was a gift from you. Plus, who knows, it may even help bridge the gap in conversation between you and your cousin who have absolutely nothing to talk about.

Art of Tea

Fancy Tea Kit

Price: $65
Fancy teas are having a moment across the country. Whatever, or whoever, you credit this obsession to, it’s safe to assume the surge in leaves-steeping isn’t going anywhere, so why not get your mom in on the action? Packaged in a handsome wooden box, this set comes with two containers of loose leaf tea in two flavors and the accessories needed to start brewing, including filter bags and an insulated tumbler. 

Free People

Glass French Press

Price: $85
Coffee drinkers who’ve made the switch from drip to a French press will bend your ear about how this specific tool is the key to a robust, full-bodied brew, and we’re not here to disagree. Give your mom an excuse to elevate her morning caffeine routine with this artfully elegant colored glass French press setup, which comes with the added benefit of adding touch of modern design to her kitchen countertop.


Everlane Foldover Pouch

Price: $98
Everlane’s soft-as-a-cloud cashmere sweaters are at the top of a lot of holiday gift lists this year. But what about the mom whose closet is already stocked full of cashmere, in every color? An accessory to match that luxurious sweater is a solid bet. You can’t go wrong with a chic foldover pouch that was designed in Spain by the same fashion-forward brand. 


UGG Slippers

Price: $100
Super-soft. Super-comfy. Basically she’ll want to live in these wool-lined slippers all winter. And for that very reason, you might just win the holidays. Congratulations.


Rothy’s Flats

Price: $145
These wildly popular flats have earned a loyal following in recent years, thanks to the fact that they come in a seemingly endless array of styles, are super comfortable, and are machine washable. However, if your mom prides herself on being eco-conscious, they’re also made from used water bottles and post-consumer recycled materials. 


Wireless Charging Station

Price: $188
If your mom is the type who rarely remembers to charge her phone, this wireless charging pad makes for quite the game changer. Rather than fumble with attaching a cord, she can simply place her phone on it and walk away while it automatically juices up. Plus, it’s sleek and simple enough to blend into any decor, so she can install it wherever is most convenient (an entryway table, nightstand, on a desk, etc.). Of course, it’s worth noting that it’ll only work with devices that support Qi wireless charging (which is a lot of the new ones these days).


Espresso Maker

Price: $249
Moms with a serious Starbucks habit would probably enjoy the ability to whip up their favorite caffeinated creations on-demand, and this excellent DeLonghi espresso machine makes it easy. It comes with all the bells and whistles you need to quickly and easily pull shots of espresso, steam and froth milk to the desired temperature and creaminess, and pour a proper latte/cappuccino/cortado all from the convenience of her kitchen (while saving money). 


Apple Watch Series 5

Price: From $414
If your mom already has an older Apple Watch, or has always marveled at what they can do, you may want to consider wrapping up the Series 5. It’s equipped with a bunch of nifty new features and tracking tech (e.g., an always-on retina display, improved compass, electrical heart sensors, a new alert when noise levels get into dangerous territory, etc.). But there’s also simple feature that moms anywhere can appreciate: the fact that your name pop-ups on her wrist every time you call or text. 

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