The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers, According to Hilton Carter & 'The Plant Mom'

We tapped a plant stylist & author, as well as master horticulturalist Joyce "The Plant Mom" Mast, to see what's on their gift lists this season.

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There are two types of plant people: those who can magically keep a palm tree alive in a week-long freeze, and those who can't keep a succulent alive in a well-lit window mid-summer. You know which one you are, and you know which type your friends are.
The point is, these are two very different archetypes to shop for. So we decided to enlist the help of two very well-known—and regarded—plant experts to find out the best gifts for plant lovers (including those who love plants but think growing their own is an impossible task). First, we talked with Hilton Carter, a plant/interior stylist, author, and artist. Check him out on Instagram where he shares his knowledge of plant care and interior styling with the green-loving community.
Next up was Joyce "The Plant Mom" Mast who is the resident plant expert at Bloomscape. Joyce has over 40 years as an experienced horticulturist and strives to make everyone a confident (and competent!) plant parent. You can ask her almost anything plant-related here
First up are Hilton's picks. Keep scrolling, and you'll find Joyce's. Now, without further ado, here are the best gifts to give to plant-loving people in your life.

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

The best gifts according to Hilton Carter:

Wooden Handle Pruning Shears

Price: $48
Why it's a great gift: "It's important to have a clean, sharp pair of shears for pruning back your plants or if you want to propagate."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

Propagation Cradle

Price: $28
Why it's a great gift: "Speaking of propagation, the best way to do so is in style. The Single Walnut cradle can either be styled on the wall to create living art or sit atop a table."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

The book Wild at Home

Price: $18.35
Why it's a great gift: "Of course if you're a plant parent, you need a book on plant styling and plant care. Well what better book than this one? Ok ok, I'm a bit biased but I really love this book and you will too."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

Brass Watering Can

Price: $44.95
Why it's a great gift: "If you're like me, you can never have too many watering cans. My goal is to always have one sitting out just in case a plant get a bit thirsty and why not have one that looks good."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

A Table Planter

Price: $165
Why it's a great gift: "When it comes to styling your plants, you have to think about the planter as well. This SIN table top planter is one of my favorites right now."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

The Plant Keep Apron

Price: $100
Why it's a great gift: "Plant care can be a dirty job but that doesn't mean you have to get dirty. If you're going to be playing in dirt and soil, why not do it while looking good?"

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

A Moisture Meter

Price: $14
Why it's a great gift: "Knowing when to give your plants a drink is very important. Make it easier on yourself by having a moisture meter to stick in to the soil and test it's moisture level."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

A Fine Spray Mister

Price: $10
Why it's a great gift: "When you have tropical plants, making sure they have the humidity they need to thrive can be hard to achieve indoors. Having a spray bottle to help give them that moisture helps."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

The best gifts according to Joyce "The Plant Mom" Mast:

The Arch Propagation Kit

Price: $35
Why it's a great gift: "I love suggesting this for all plant lovers, it’s designed for adults and children alike who want a little added decor to their space + offers the opportunity to watch a plant propagate. Kids can learn the basics of gardening and decorate the home with decor that moms will actually want to display. Each kit comes with a concrete terrazzo stand and glass tube, rooting hormone, and step-by-step instructions. Whether you’re growing your plant collection or wanting to share the joys of plant life with a friend, this kit is a stylish and easy way to display your plant babies."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

A Small Grow Light

Price: $150
Why it's a great gift: "Another great gift idea for plant lovers is a grow light so plant parents can create the perfect light conditions for their indoor plants."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

Plant Mom Enamel Pin from Hemleva

Price: $12
Why it's a great gift: "Perfect for your self-proclaimed plant mom friends! This pin was designed by Hemleva exclusively for Bloomscape customers to show off plant mom pride."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

Bloomscape Leaf Tote Bag

Price: $25 
Why it's a great gift: "An always useful gift is the tote bag. Bloomscape has a screen printed natural canvas tote bag that is perfect for grocery store runs, beaches, picnics and more, so all plant parents can show off their love for plants."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

Dome Eros Planter

Price: $149
Why it's a great gift: "These are very unique and stylish pots for plants with excellent drainage. They're best for arid plants."

Thrillist | Maggie Rossetti

The Leaf Supply books A Guide to Keeping Happy Houseplants as well as A Guide to Creating Your Own Indoor Jungle

Price: $32.20 each
Why it's a great gift: "Both books are penned by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan. And not only are both books a great reference for your indoor plants, but they make very attractive coffee table books."

Hilton Carter is a plant stylist, interior stylist, author, and artist. He has a loyal following on Instagram, where he shares his knowledge of plant care and styling with the plant-loving community.
Joyce has over 40 years experience as a horticulturist, earning her the title Bloomscape’s Plant Mom. She strives to make everyone a confident plant parent. Her in-depth research into plants grown by reputable and reliable nurseries assures unparalleled quality. With Joyce’s expertise on call, everyone can enjoy successful plant parenting of Bloomscape’s easy-care plants chosen to fit any lifestyle and décor.
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