The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers (That They’ll Actually Like)

John Samels
John Samels
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Buying a nice bottle of red for someone who’s really into wine can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you don’t drink it yourself. Are they super into Malbecs or Pinot Noir? Do they only drink organic offerings? Are they going to judge you for your complete and utter lack of wine knowledge? 

Why not leave the wine-buying up to them, and instead grab the oenophile on your list an something that can at least help enhance their sipping, sniffing, and savoring?

We’ve pulled together a selection of great corkscrews, aerators, stoppers, hobby kits, and a slew of other solid options to fit every budget that are perfect for the wine-obsessed folks you need to buy for this year.

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Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Price: $11.50
Not every night is a night you want to finish an entire bottle, and while a standard cork does an okay job at preserving the leftover vino for a day or two, what you really want is a vacuum seal to keep it from oxidizing too quickly. This Wine Saver achieves just that, coming with two vacuum stoppers and a simple pump that’ll remove the air and seal the contents of any bottle, keeping it fresh for up to a week.

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Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Price: $17
You’ve probably heard that wine needs a moment to breathe and really “open up,” and while some of us are totally fine with sipping something straight out of a box, the fact is that exposure to oxygen really does bring out a varietal's fullest flavor. This simple device -- which slips right onto the spout of a bottle -- achieves that quickly via a large aerating chamber and air intake system to infuse the wine with the optimal amount of oxygen as it’s being poured.

Amazon/John Samels

Natural Marble Wine Cooler

Price: $20
Keeping a bottle of white or rosé chilled in a bucket of ice, but it’s a bit of a hassle to set up and can get drippy once the ice melts. Instead, this elegant polished marble cooler (which is meant to be stored in the freezer) adds a some simple sophistication to any dinner party table, while also keeping whatever bottle’s inside at a properly chilled temperature for hours.

Amazon/John Semels

Electric Wine Opener

Price: $12
Not everyone has the magic touch of a sommelier or fine dining server when it comes to uncorking a bottle, and frankly, traditional corkscrews require a bit of elbow grease. Skip the hassle and conserve energy for the sniffing and sipping with this electric opener, which unscrews a cork in six-to-eight seconds at the touch of a button.

Amazon/John Samels

Georg Jensen Sky Corkscrew

Price: $45
This is the corkscrew you whip out when you want to impress guests. Its sleek, mirrored stainless steel design -- part of the Scandinavian design company Georg Jensen’s “Sky” collection” -- makes it look as though it was dreamed up in the future, but it’s entirely functional and simple to use. Plus, it elevates the look of any home bar far beyond some boring wine key could.

Amazon/John Samels

Kloud City Wine Glass Rack Holder

Price: $9
As elegant as wine glasses may be, they’re a bit of a pain to keep in good condition, especially for people with small kitchens with limited storage. That’s where a mountable glass rack like this is a lifesaver, providing a safe and secure home for a full set of stemware while freeing up precious room in the cupboard. 

Amazon/John Samels

Wine Glass Charms

Price: $6
Dinner parties and wine nights should be fun, but once the vino gets flowing it’s easy to lose track whose glass is whose. That’s where these nifty charm sets come in handy -- just affix them to the stem of each person’s glass and you’re golden. Each set follows a different theme -- from sports, to kitchen tools, to travel -- and comes stocked with 16 different silver charms. 

Amazon/John Samels

Reusable Shatterproof Wine Glasses

Price: $40 for a set of 8
Everyone loves to sip out of nice stemware, but when you’re hosting a big crowd known to get rowdy -- or just want to take a couple of bottles of rosé to the park -- a set of shatterproof glasses is the move. These dimpled plastic stemless glasses are great to keep on hand for parties, BBQs, and picnics, and look a whole lot classier than sipping out of a red Solo cup. Plus, they’re machine washable so you can easily re-use them.

Amazon/John Samels

Stem Shine Wine Glass Cleaning Liquid

Price: $29
A premium set of stemware only looks as good as the last time it was polished, and honestly, who has the time to polish their wine glasses every time? Instead, wash them with this special Stem Shine liquid -- which promotes rapid evaporation -- and they’ll dry clean without any residual streaks or film, so they’ll be crystal clear whenever it’s time for a fresh pour.

Wayfair/John Samels

Crescendo Decanter

Price: $29
For folks who appreciate proper oxidation beyond a simple aerator, a decanter is the way to do it (and make it look cool). This stunning glass number from Luigi Bormioli holds 48 ounces and serves as a great vessel to let a full bottle’s worth of vino breathe, and features a proper spout to make pouring glasses clean and easy.

Wayfair/John Samels

Picnic at Ascot New York Bottle Carrier

Price: $38
For wine drinkers who are always on the go, this mini backpack is a godsend. It’s designed to carry two bottles, and keeps them from getting too cold or hot thanks to thermal shield insulation. It’s the perfect park companion, and is equipped with a special front sleeve that can be for... wait for it... a third bonus bottle.

Amazon/John Samels

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass 

Price: $70 for a set of 6
You don’t have to have a refined wine palate to appreciate sipping from a seriously nice glass. There’s something about a weighted piece of crystal that takes the whole experience to the next level, which is where this Schott Zwiesel set comes in. They feature sharp geometric lines and are optimal for soft reds and full bodied whites. Plus, the glass is made with titanium and zirconium oxide, which sounds confusing but basically just means they’re resistant to breaks, chips, and scratches. 

Amazon/John Samels

Deocrative Wine Rack

Price: $58
Wine fiends love drinking the stuff, but showing off your best bottles is also a big part of the culture. This slick and modern geometric honeycomb rack will spiff up any kitchen counter or home bar, and can hold six bottles at a time.

Amazon/John Semels

Master Vintner Wine Making Kit

Price: $146
If the wine drinker on your list is always on the hunt for a new hobby, this nifty DIY wine making kit is a great gift. The set comes with everything you’d need from to make homemade wine start to finish (except for the fruit and bottles), including two fermenters, a carboy, various other accessories and detailed instructions that the company promises will make wine-making as “easy as learning to brew a pot of coffee.”

Wayfair/John Samels

Single Zone Freestanding Wine Cooler

Price: $150
Storin good wine at a proper temperature is critical (for people who really care about the stuff), and a great way to do that is to stash it in a temp-controlled cooler like this one from NewAir. With three shelves and room for 12 bottles, it’s set up with a thermoelectric cooling system, LED temp display, and a sleek glass door to showcase the collection.

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