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Great Gifts Under $50 for Everyone on Your List

Working with a budget? We've tracked down some excellent and thoughtful gifts to make shopping for the hard-to-buy-for people a bit easier this year.

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If it were up to us, we'd all be able to afford ponies and cars and 10-person hot tubs to give as gifts to each other. But that's also probably why most things aren't up to us. 

Considering this year has many of us tightening our purse strings, your holiday shopping budget may be a bit tighter. That doesn't mean you can't still find a great gift that's both thoughtfully unique and affordable, though. To help you out, we've pulled together a dozen exceedingly giftable items under $50 that should make just about anyone on your list happy.

Grace Han

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Price: $40
Why it's a great gift: For the spice-loving snacker in your life with enjoys a fun DIY project, this kit comes with everything they'll need to concoct 6 custom hot sauces. It comes with six glass bottles and lids, labels, a funnel, vinegar, and whole smorgasbord of ground and whole spices to help them craft their own homemade bottles of heat.

Grace Han

The Sunny Sill Duo

Price: $49
Why it's a great gift: I know this seems like a lot for two succulents, but what you're getting are two professionally propagated and planted succulents from a professional gardener (and in two very cool pots). This basically means whoever you give this to will be able to essentially set it and forget it—except when they need water once every 10-12 days or so.

Grace Han

Atlas Coffee Club Gift Subscriptions

Price: $50 and up
Why it's a great gift: For the discerning caffeine fiend in your life, an Atlas Coffee Club subscription is a terrific way to allow them to sample different beans from producers around the world. Every month, they'll receive a super-fresh bag from a different coffee-producing region that's been vetted by the Atlas team, along with info on its origin, brewing tips, and more.

Grace Han

Bellroy's Standing Pouch

Price: $49
Why it's a great gift: This is one of those things most people wouldn't buy for themselves because they probably think they don't need one. They are wrong. This pouch has significantly cleaned up my at-home workspace by holding cords, chargers, pens, and adapters. And I can tell by the quality I'll be using this for years to come.

Grace Han

The Five Two Ultimate Apron

Price: $45
Why it's a great gift: Not only is an apron utilitarian for working in the kitchen (pockets! splatter protection!), it's a great way to make yourself look like a total boss while whipping up a meal. This sturdy cotton twill one from the folks at Food52 is equipped with everything you'd want in a workhorse apron, from built-in potholders on the bottom front corners, to and adjustable neck strap, and even a handy measurement conversion chart built into one of its pockets. It's the sort of kitchen essential any home cook will hang onto for years. 

Grace Han

YETI Mugs & Tumblers

Price: $25 and up
Why it's a great gift: For those who insist on keeping their cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot all day long, YETI's mugs and tumblers are indispensable. The company's double-wall insulated construction has incredible heat and cold-retaining abilities, making these the perfect reusable go-to coffee/wine/cocktail cup, particularly for socially distant outdoor hangs.

Grace Han

Google Nest Mini

Price: $29
Why it's a great gift: The Nest Mini can act as a kind of central command station for all your smart devices (it'll turn on lights, appliances, etc). It'll also tell you the weather, news, sports scores, and more. Full disclosure: I keep mine in my bathroom as a hands-free speaker and love that I can simply use voice commands to play my music.

Grace Han

Customizable 'Zero Waste Kit'

Price: $45 and up
Why it's a great gift: Looking for something perfect for someone who prides themselves on their eco-friendliness? This cute "Zero Waste Kit" includes a starter pack of essentials to help them eliminate their use of single-use plastics, including reusable market bags, a reusable utensil kit, bamboo toothbrush, reusable unsponge, and snack tins.

Grace Han

A Nostalgia-Inducing Candle

Price: $34
Why it's a great gift: Candles always make for great gifts, but why not get an actually cool candle with nostalgia-inducing scents? These come in very specific smells like "Grandma's Kitchen," "American Summer," and "Summer Camp." 

Grace Han

A Magic Bullet

Price: $40
Why it's a great gift: The true convenience of the Magic Bullet really can't be overstated. It not only makes crafting the perfect smoothie quick and easy (the blender vessel is the mug!), but it's incredibly easy to clean, and can easily be used to whip up quick homemade salsas and dips. Simply put, it will quickly become one of the most useful tools in anyone's kitchen.

Grace Han

An Annual Subscription to All Trails Pro

Price: $30 for one year
Why it's a great gift: Hikers love gear, but most are super picky about what they'll actually use at the end of the day. If you know an avid hiker who doesn't have a Pro subscription to All Trails, this is the gift to get them. They'll be able to download trails offline, send out alerts if they get lost, and even receive notifications without service. 

Grace Han

Portable Charger from Anker

Price: $50
Why it's a great gift: I'm convinced this is one of the best portable chargers out there. It's small, user-friendly, and has lasted me years. I take it everywhere with me, from road trips to days-long hiking excursions.

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