Great Gifts Under $75 for Anyone on Your List

These unique and thoughtful items will show the hard-to-shop-for people in your life that you definitely didn't skimp this year.

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Not everyone on your list warrants spending upwards of a hundred bucks on a gift. In fact, for those of us on a tighter budget, very few people will get us spending that much. However, if you’re hoping to show someone you didn’t skimp on their present but are still stumped about what to get them, may we suggest one of the gifts on this list, each of which clocks in at or under $75?

We pulled together a variety of unique and thoughtful options, from sampler sets of premium olive oils, to vintage-inspired cocktail glassware, colorful and functional travel gear, and even customizable pet portraits. So forego the headache of last-minute scrambling for the tough-to-shop-for in your life and consider something below.

Away Expandable Packing Cubes

Why it’s a great gift: If your giftee is a frequent traveler and known overpacker, you’ll be doing them a favor by grabbing them a set of these expandable multicolor packing cubes from Away. The collection—the second one Away has done with Serena Williams—features four water-resistant nylon packing expandable zip-close cubes, making it easy to protect and organize your belongings while squeezing everything you need into your carry-on or checked bag. Plus, each cube features a mesh top so you can easily locate whatever you need at a glance. 

Animalist Custom Pet Portraits

Why it’s a great gift: We all know at least one pet owner who jumps at any chance to share any and all new photos of their dog or cat. So, what better way to show you care about them—and their animal—than with a customized modern pet portrait? Animalist makes it easy. Simply select which art poster style you’d like to go with (Line, Form, or Abstract), select the giftee’s breed of dog/cat, the color scheme and size, and any text you’d like to add and voila: it’ll be printed and shipped in three to five days. 

Brightland Mini Essentials Set

Why it’s a great gift: Brightland’s selection of delicious, preservative-free olive oils and vinegars have rightfully earned it a lot of high praise. However, much of what they make is a bit pricey, so it makes for a great gift for someone who may not splurge on it for themselves. The brand’s Mini Essentials pack is a perfect gift, too, as it’s stocked with four of its bestsellers in cute easy-to-share bottles. Included in it are its Awake and Alive olive oils, as well as Parasol and Rapture—two of its delicious fruit-forward vinegars.

The Starter Kit from Clevr

Why it’s a great gift: If you’re shopping for anyone who’s always looking to expand their wellness horizons, consider this kit from Clevr, a women-led wellness brand that makes a variety of delicious superfood- and adaptogen-packed lattes designed to do everything from soothe stress and anxiety to boost immunity. The kit comes with two Superlatte packs of your choosing (from the four they offer: Matcha, Chai, Coffee, or Golden), plus rechargeable frother that promises to help create a beverage with a “cloud-like” texture.

Vintage-Inspired Etched Cocktail Glasses

Why it's a great gift: While a well-mixed cocktail may technically be enjoyable in any vessel, most of us would prefer to sip one housed in a dazzling piece of glassware. So, for anyone on your list who particularly appreciates a quality stock of home bar glasses, consider this vintage-inspired collection from Food52. Featuring fanciful floral patterns that evoke a bygone era, you can grab them in a variety of shapes (coupe, martini, or goblet), or opt for a mixed pack, which contains a variety. 

Rumpl Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Why it's a great gift: Rumpl has become the go-to purveyor of weatherproof, all-season blankets for campers, hikers and all outdoors enthusiasts in between, but did you know they also make remarkably comfy indoor blankets? They do! Case in point: this lovely herringbone sherpa fleece option, which is perfect for daylong adventures spent exploring the coziness of your couch.

The Carryall Apron
Hedley & Bennett

Why it's a great gift: For home cooks who care as much about what they’re whipping up for their next can’t-miss dinner party as how they’ll look doing so, this apron fits the bill. Not only is it equipped with all the functionality they’ll appreciate (they’re made of premium canvas for durability and feature multiple storage pockets—including one specifically for a phone), but comes in a variety of eye-popping colors.

PowerCore Essential 20000

Why it's a great gift: Whether you’re traveling, commuting, or otherwise without access to a power outlet, realizing your phone battery is nearly drained can just the thing to send you into a tizzy. Fortunately for those moments (or those people whose devices somehow always have just 10% life left), there’s a portable charger like this one from Anker. The 20,000mAh cell capacity Powercore is low-profile enough to slip into your bag (or large pocket), and packs enough juice (when fully charged) to recharge an iPhone over four times over. 

Crockd Pottery Kit

Why it’s a great gift: If you’re shopping for someone who’s big on tactile projects and enjoys picking up a new project, this pottery kit from Crockd may be a perfect choice. While it does come with everything they’ll need to make some cool stuff from clay (including two packs of eco-friendly,clay, wooden pottery tools, and step-by-step instructions), it’s also designed to be a “purpose-driven art therapy experience.” It essentially simulates the effects of art therapy at home, and is meant to be done with a buddy to encourage empowering and meaningful conversations (the kit also includes special conversation starter cards).