The Ultimate Guide to BBQ & Grilling Gear

Whether you're a newbie to outdoor cooking or looking to upgrade your BBQ arsenal, we tapped experts in everything from charcoal and grills, to marinades, grilling tools, and beyond to set you up for a summer of delicious success.

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We may be neck-deep in BBQ season, but it's never too late to step up your grilling game. From helping you navigate the best grill setups, to introducing you to underrated expert-recommended tools and standby marinades and spices you may have never considered before, we've got you covered. We pulled together this hub of some of our latest and greatest grilling and BBQ coverage to help you confidently conquer outdoor cooking all summer (and year!) long. 

Keep scrolling to browse our expert-curated recommendations, and click through to read more about what the professionals rely on to turn out next-level meals on the grill.

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Underrated Grilling Essentials, According to Experts

Have you ever quietly wondered to yourself "Do the grilling pros rely on any secret tools to make their food taste extra delicious?" Us too. So, we went to the sources for the answer, and wound up with a list of some rather unexpected essentials to add to our toolkit. 

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A Beginner's Guide to Grilling Fuels

If your knowledge of grilling fuel is limited to "charcoal" and "gas," you're missing out on a whole world of opportunity and options to elevate your BBQ flavors. We asked a handful of experts about myriad varieties of 'coal, wood, propane, and pellets, so you can take your over-flame cooking to new heights. 

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The Rubs, Marinades, and Secret Ingredients Grilling Pros Swear By

While the gear and fuel you use will certain influence how your food turns out, it's ultimately up to you to prep it properly with flavors that deliver a good punch. So, we asked a whole bunch of grilling pros what ingredients they stand by when it comes to getting meats, veggies, and more ready for the grill. They revealed everything from must-try marinades, to unique spice rubs, and plenty of other items you'll soon be ordering in bulk.

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A Party Planner's Guide to Pulling Off the Ultimate Backyard BBQ Vibe

While good food goes a long way, creating a super-inviting space to hang while feasting is nearly as important. We asked a pro party planner for tips, tricks, and products you ought to invest in to cultivate the sort of backyard BBQ vibe that's guaranteed to delight friends, neighbors, loved ones, and any would-be party crashers all season long.

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The Expert-Approved Essentials for Grilling On-the-Go

The time will come, undoubtedly, when you want to deliver some grilled goodness somewhere other than your own home. Perhaps at the park, or the beach, or the parking lot of your favorite team's stadium. To set you up for success, we tapped a number of tried and true outdoor grilling masters for their go-to gear picks for creating the ultimate mobile BBQ station.

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