7 Fun & Festive Holiday Party Must-Haves to Make This Year’s Even More Memorable

From wireless audio upgrades to holiday-themed games and props, here’s all you need to make sure your soiree is one for the ages.

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Now that you’ve (hopefully) got a handle on all your gift shopping for this year, it’s time to start readying for holiday party plans. If you’re hosting one this year, you ought to look beyond just the food and drink spread to make sure you’re keeping your guests’ spirits bright. A few simple items can make all the difference between a blah get-together and a memorable blowout. So, to help you achieve the latter, we tracked down some of the top-rated and most popular holiday party essentials to grab right now.

Whether your group is down for a karaoke battle, some spirited games, or simply needs a little encouragement to snap fun party pics, these are all sure to elevate the holiday celebrations fun.

JBL Charge 4

A great party requires quality background tunes to keep everyone vibing. If you’re looking for a portable sound system that you can also bring outdoors (or wherever the party moves), consider this wireless speaker from JBL. It boasts a crisp and powerful sound that resonates loud and clear, a battery with 20 hours of playtime, and connects simultaneously to two devices via Bluetooth so you can take turns controlling the playlist with someone else. Plus, if you have other speakers from JBL, you can sync them together to create a warm and surrounding audio experience.

Remote Control Curtain Lights

These curtain string lights are perfect to ensure every moment you capture can be an  Insta-worthy memory. It comes with 10 light strands, each containing 30 LED lights you can control with a remote to initiate different modes––like wave, slow fade, and flash––so you can adapt to the party mood on command. They’re also waterproof, so you can use them outside too.

Christmas Photo Booth Props Kit

Looking for another festive way to encourage people to take pics at your party? This on-theme prop kit should help. It comes with 32 Christmas-themed accessories made of sturdy card stock paper that you attach to wooden dowels to create the floating effect.

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Get ready to belt Mariah Carey’s holiday hits at the top of your lungs with this wireless karaoke microphone. It features a denoising technology that filters air flow and wind noise effectively (so you sound your best), a built-in speaker where you can hear your voice and stream the backing track  via Bluetooth, and multi-function buttons to switch to different modes, adjust volume, and play more.

Christmas Bingo Game

Gather everyone for some fun Christmas-themed Bingo. The box comes with 24 holiday bingo player cards, 420 marking chips and four caller chips, which is great for playing with big groups. It’s even better if you have prizes ready for each person who screams BINGO!

AuKing Mini Portable Video-Projector

Whether your party includes a movie screening or you need something to project the lyrics for your karaoke session, this portable projector will allow you to get a bigger picture or everyone gets a good view. It boasts a projection display of up to 17o inches and a one to 5 meter projection distance. Plus, its built-in speakers offer excellent and loud sound quality (though you can also connect it to external speakers for the people in the back).

Uniqhia Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

Need something to break the ice? Get this fun inflatable ring toss game. It comes with two reindeer antler hats, 16 inflatable rings, two red deer noses, and a little air pump. This can easily be turned into a drinking game to make it even more challenging.

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