9 Next-Level Hot Dog Grilling Kits Worth Treating Yourself To

While nothing beats a freshly grilled hot dog on a hot summer day, these kits will take your taste buds to new heights.

Goldbelly/Mile End Deli
Goldbelly/Mile End Deli
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The Fourth of July may officially be the observance of Independence Day in the US, but more importantly, it's the best excuse you'll have all year to house far more hot dogs than you could otherwise justify. Happy unofficial hot dog day, America!

Whether your plans this year involve hosting a socially distant outdoor BBQ, pulling off a a proper BBQ inside, or generally revolve around eating grilled foods all afternoon, you ought to invest in some top-quality meat. To that end, we tracked down some of the absolute greatest hot dogs and hot dog kits from iconic institutions across the country that you can get delivered via Goldbelly and make yourself.

Our apologies in advance to your sodium levels. 

Goldbelly/American Coney Island

Price: $79
Detroit's American Coney Island has been an institution for nearly a century, and its signature hot dogs are a big reason why. This kit comes with everything you need to recreate them at home: specially-seasoned natural skin casing hot dogs from Dearborn Sausage Co., AMI's secret family recipe Chili Sauce, plus mustard, a sweet onion (to be chopped as a topping), 12 buns (to be served steamed and warm), and even a paper "waiter's" hat to wear while you're assembling everything.

Goldbelly/Snake River Farms

Price: $79
If you're looking for a slightly elevated hot dog, you can't go wrong with these delicious Wagyu Beef offerings from Snake River Farms. SRF has been raising cattle in Idaho for over 50 years, and has become the go-to purveyor of American wagyu beef for many of the country's finest restaurants. This pack (which tips the scales at four pounds and includes 20 dogs) features its signature American Kobe hot dogs that are made from wood-smoked 100% American Kobe beef combined with a special blend spices.

Goldbelly/Walter's Hot Dog

Price: $69
A nationally registered historic landmark, Mamaroneck, New York's Walter's Hot Dogs has been serving up some of the best in the country since 1919. And if you can't make it there, the next best thing is getting a kit with everything you need to make them at home. This pack serves 12 people and includes 16 buns (recommended toasted), 12 hot dogs made from Walter's exclusive blend of beef, pork, and veal, and a bottle of its signature mustard (made from choice mustard seeds, relish, and spices). 

Goldbelly/Olympia Provisions

Price: $79
Gameday may be postponed, but that's all the more reason to feast on a next-level selection of sausages from Portland's Olympia Provisions. Each pack -- which includes enough to serve 4-6 people -- comes packed with three bratwursts, four frankfurters, one 12-ounce kielbasa, and two salami (spiced Navarre and Sopressata). Plus, to top it all off, it also comes included with two Olympia Provisions beer koozies -- a cookout necessity. 

Goldbelly/Cedar Road Meats

Price: $79
Esteemed Wisconsin butcher Cedar Road Meats produces a wide selection of exceptional sausages, but its hot dogs are one of the standouts. These are made with its special blend of classic spices and will deliver that satisfying "snap" when you bite into them. This is a great option for big groups, too, since each pack comes with 24 dogs.

Goldbelly/Mile End Deli

Price: $79
Mile End, the New York-based Montreal-style deli, is one of the best sandwich spots in the city, and while we're not looking to weigh in on the age-old "is a hot dog a sandwich" debate here, we can assure you its hot dog is objectively delicious. This pack comes with everything you need to recreate it at home and serve 6-8 people: eight house made all-beef franks, eight split top potato rolls, one pint of sauerkraut, a half pint of relish, and a half pint of Mile End's favorite mustard. 

Goldbelly/Vienna Beef Hot Dogs

Price: $119.95
For the Chicago-style dog diehards out there, this stocked Vienna Beef kit has your name all over it. It comes with everything you need to create a classic Vienna Chicago dog and Italian beef feast. Inside, you'll find a 16-pack of Vienna Beef skinless hot dogs, one pack of Vienna celery sale, one pack Vienna yellow mustard, one pack Vienna bright green relish, one pack Vienna sport peppers, plus a full Italian style beef kit to tide you over until your next hot dog (it comes with two pounds sliced Italian beef, two pounds gravy, and six ounces of Giardiniera). And as if that weren't enough, you'll also score a cool classic Vienna baseball cap and apron. 

Goldbelly/Bovine & Swine

Price: $79
While Wyoming produces some of the best meat in the country, some persnickety USDA laws make it exceedingly difficult to find any that can be shipped outside the state. Fortunately, Jackson Hole-based Bovine & Swine is one of the few USDA-certified purveyors there, meaning you can get a 24-pack of its heavenly  natural cased all beef hot dogs delivered right to your door. 

Goldbelly/Liebman's Kosher Deli

Price: $109
Liebman's Kosher Deli in the Bronx has been a mainstay since 1953, thanks in no small part to its knockwursts and frankfurters. Luckily, this pack (which serves 8-10 people) has everything you need to embrace the deliciousness from afar: four knockwursts, eight frankfurters, 12 hot dog buns, a half pound of mustard, a pint of sauerkraut, and even a Liebman's t-shirt.

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