This Summer Sale Will Turn Your iPhone into a Professional Camera

With a couple of add-ons, you can turn your smartphone into a professional camera.

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Through July 31, you can save up to 60% off pro quality smartphone and camera accessories during Moment's Summer Sale. Categories include gimbals and tripods, audio equipment, storage solutions, smartphone lenses & filters, cases, and straps.

As someone who loves taking pictures outside and around the city, I immediately bought the 18mm wide lens. Moment's lenses are all made with cinema quality glass and will give you beautiful, crisp 4K images and video (just check the website and you'll see). The only caveat is you have to get a case that the lens can attach to (they're only $20. I got this one).

Interested in making movies on your smartphone? Check out their audio equipment and anamorphic lens. Basically, if you're looking to add "filmmaker" to your summer hobby list, you can achieve that here for WAY less than the price of a DSLR camera. Here are some of my favorite items.


Wide 18mm Lens

Price: $99 (was $120)
This is the most advanced lens Moment has produced and if you check out the pictures on their website, you'll see why. It'll allow the user to snap up to 2x more picture than with the stock lens. The lens will fit the latest Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus smartphones.


iPhone Case

Price: $20 (was $40)
In order to attach a lens to your phone, you'll need a Moment case (this is a non-negotiable). They have a ton on sale right now for almost all smartphones, but I'm a huge fan of this one with its walnut accent. Who says you can't buy class?


Macro 10x Lens

Price: $90 (was $110)
If getting less than an inch away from something and taking a crystal clear photo of it is something you want to do with your phone, you've found your answer.


ROV Mobile Traveler

Price: $300 (was $350)
This sets up in seconds and takes phenomenal slow motion and time lapse videos with a push of a button (your phone connects to it through Bluetooth).


Fisheye 14mm Lens

Price: $99 (was $120)
You'll get wider images than a GoPro…and for much cheaper than a GoPro. This is crafted with the same cinema grade glass and is an excellent way to film outdoor adventures or take trippy wide-angle shots.


GorillaPod 3K Tripod with Ball Head Kit

Price: $64.95 (was $80)
This tripod can fit a smartphone or a DSLR and comes with a built-in level so you'll be able to get the perfect shot every time. And the legs are strong enough to wrap around poles (or tree branches) to help get those angles.


VideoMic NTG

Price: $249 (was $349)
This is a "broadcast-grade, feature-packed shotgun microphone optimized for on-camera use" which basically means you can use this to podcast (and actually sound great) or use it to pick up clear sound while filming.

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