Last-Minute Halloween Costumes to Get in the Spirit This Year

From super simple to over-the-top, we pulled together some last-minute costume options so you can join in on the festivities with minimal effort.

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It’s mind blowing to realize that we’re approaching the second Halloween celebration during this pandemic. However, this year looks a little bit different: we’re vaccinated and many places are open once again as long as you follow the required protocols (be safe out there!). Of course, no matter how you plan to partake—whether it’s attending a friend’s house party or trick-or-treating with the fam—a good costume is required. From the millions of options available out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and leave everything to the last minute. For that reason, we tracked down some fun options that you can snag right now (or, you know, a couple days before, if that’s your style) from Amazon.

From super simple getups for those of us who hate elaborate costumes, to the more flashy attire that will beckon passersby to snap a photo with you, keep scrolling to find one that’ll suit you.

Squid Game Cosplay Costume

There’s a big chance that you encounter other people this year wearing this teal tracksuit from the Korean Netflix megahit series Squid Game. Join them by choosing your favorite player’s number, whether that is Kang Sae-Byeok with 067, Seung Gi-Hun with 456, or Cho Sang-Woo with 218. 

David Rose Sweater Crewneck Sweatshirt

If you’re a Schitt’s Creek superfan, this is your chance to channel David (just be sure to practice your eyebrow acting). Pair this sweater (inspired by one of his most iconic fits) with oversized shorts and converse, and don’t forget the sunglasses. Ew, David!

Weird Funny Alien T-Shirt

Hate elaborate costumes? This T-Shirt keeps it simple while still bringing some supernatural vibes, taking you from party pooper to the conversation starter. 

Bernie Sanders-Inspired Inauguration Day Knit Mittens

Hop on the cultural reference costume train by recreating Bernie Sanders’ iconic Inauguration Day outfit, which remains the meme that keeps on giving. Pair these knit mittens, similar to the ones he wore, with a green jacket and a blue surgical mask. Also, a foldable chair will take it to the next level.

Progressive Jamie Costume Kit

This simple and hilarious costume will be recognized by anyone who watches TV (or has simply been in the presence of a cable TV for more than a few minutes in the last decade). One pleased reviewer said that “This allowed me to still look professional at work, and didn’t take much to remove the apron to return to regular looking work clothes.” Also, this could be a great couples costume if your other half gets the Flo version.

Hand Sanitizer Bottle Costume

The only winner in this pandemic is probably the hand sanitizer. Honor its ability to keep our hands germ-free during these hard times by dressing up as the ubiquitous squeeze bottle. Extra points if you actually offer hand sanitizer to everyone at the party.

Inflatable Alien Costume

Earlier this year, the CIA released thousands of UFO files. So now we know that aliens are out there and there’s no better way to let them know that we want to be friends than by wearing them as costumes? Probably not. But it’s funny anyway.

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