Great Last-Minute Gifts for Everyone On Your List

John Samels
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We’re barreling toward the last few shopping days before the holidays, which means you may be bracing for the panic that’ll inevitably set in as you scramble scramble last-minute to cross everyone off the list. Fortunately for the procrastinators among us, there’s no need to freak just yet, because there are plenty of excellent and thoughtful gifts up for grabs that'll arrive on time. To make it a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of our favorites, including items that can still be delivered in a day or two, and others that don’t even need to be shipped.

You got this.

Amazon/John Samels

Wonderboom Portable Speaker

Price: $70
For our money, Ultimate Ears makes the all-around best portable Bluetooth wireless speakers, packing deceptively powerful audio tech in their wildly durable (and nice-to-look-at) lineup of products. The short and stout Wonderboom makes an excellent gift, and is perfect for the beach, the pool, the boat, the backyard, or really anywhere you might want to blast some tunes.

Porter Road

Porter Road Subscription Box

Price: $50 and up
Nothing beats butcher-fresh meat, but many of us aren’t keen to splurge on choice cuts all the time. That’s the beauty of a Porter Road subscription. The online butcher has a variety of monthly subscription offerings that’ll send the carnivore on your list a selection of meat (you can pick from a variety of curated boxes) on a recurring basis of your choosing.

Birchbox/John Samels

Birchbox Subscription

Price: $50 and up
For the beauty or grooming obsessed person who loves trying out new products, a subscription to Birchbox promises a fresh batch of goodies every month. Sign them up for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to their “Best Sellers” box, which comes packed with new sample size versions of their customers' most-loved makeup and skincare items, or grab a gift card and let them pick the type of box they want to get every month. Another bonus? You won’t have to wrap anything up. 


Winc Gift Cards

Price: $60 and up
Wine buffs are famously finicky about the kinds of wine they’ll buy for themselves, which makes gifting a bottle a real gamble. Instead, why not grab them a gift card to Winc, and let them pick from the expertly curated selection of varietals offered by the super-popular wine delivery service.

Bloomingdale's/John Samels

Candle Making Kit

Price: $38
A fancy candle makes for a fine gift, as long as that’s really what they want, but why not make it a little more interesting by giving them a whole kit with everything they need to make their own? This particular set comes with everything they’ll need to create their own lavender-scented wax candles, including wicks, soy wax, metal tins, and stickers.


Tile Mate

Price: $20 and up
We all know someone who’s constantly searching for their keys, their bag, or anything else that’s not physically attached to them. Save them some precious time in the future by wrapping up a pack of Tile Mates, which can be attached to pretty much anything, and function as tiny Bluetooth tracking devices that can be easily located via a dedicated app. 

BarkBox/John Samels

BarkBox Subscription

Price: Varies
True dog lovers relish in spoiling their animals, which is why a gift for their pet is as good as a gift for them. Bark Box delivers a monthly box filled with goodies for dogs, and they go to great lengths to tailor each one to each particular dog based on age, size, breed, dietary restrictions, and more.


Weighted Blanket

Price: $44
Go ahead, poke fun at the idea of spending money on a super-heavy blanket, but until you’ve actually curled up in one you can’t really appreciate why they’re great. They’re designed to function as a “gentle hug,” which may sound absurd, but trust us, folks who love nothing more than being cozy on the couch will adore it.

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Price: $24 and up
For folks who truly treasure their coffee, a gift subscription to Blue Bottle Coffee’s rotating selection of whole beans is a no-brainer. You can sign them up to have a fresh bag of Blue Bottle’s classic blends delivered every two weeks for as long as you’d like (though their two core offerings are 3 month and 6 month subscriptions).

Amazon/John Samels

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Mic

Price: $33
We’re staunchly pro-karaoke, which is why we can’t help but recommend this (admittedly) silly karaoke microphone, which pairs to any device via Bluetooth and has a built in speaker to both amplify your voice and whatever song you want to sing. It sounds surprisingly great considering its size, and even comes with an echo effect that mimics the reverb of a live performance. 

Fanchest/John Samels


Price: $99
If you’re stumped on what to get the diehard sports fan in your life, you can’t go wrong with a box brimming with gear repping their favorite team. Fanchest has entire boxes full of team merch for squads in every major league (plus colleges), so you can easily find the perfect assortment. 

Warby Parker/John Samels

Warby Parker

Price: $50 and up
Picking out eyeglasses is obviously a very personal decision, and not one you should even attempt to do for someone without their input. That’s why a Warby Parker gift certificate is a great move for anyone you know who’s shopping for a new pair of frames. 

Amazon/John Samels

Spikeball Set

Price: $56
Though Spikeball looks absurd to anyone watching it, if you've ever played you know it’s both incredibly fun and highly addictive. A set like this is perfect for anyone who’s regularly hanging at the beach, in the park, or is big on hosting backyard BBQs.

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