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20 Great Last-Minute Gifts Under $50 for Everyone on Your List

From speakers and smart bulbs, to plants and booze-infusion kits, these wallet-friendly gifts will hit the mark (and arrive on time).

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As if this year hasn't been stressful enough, the holidays are here, and you may still have a bunch of shopping to do. And while your instinct may be to freak out, we're here to calm your nerves and help you find great last-minute gifts that will arrive in time without walloping your wallet.

From booze infusion kits and insulated wine totes, to wireless karaoke mics and sophisticated map prints, we've pulled together a selection of gift-worthy items for just about everyone on your list, and they're all under $50. So take a deep breath, consider these picks, then pat yourself on the back for wrapping up your holiday shopping just under the wire once again.

Grace Han

JBL Waterproof Shower Speaker

Price: $39.95
You know it's super easy to transform a bathroom into a spa-like experience, right? One major player in that upgrade is a solid speaker to blast "Return to Innocence" whilst you diffuse your essential oils and kick back in the tub with a CBD bath bomb.

Grace Han

Uashmama Wine Bag & Cooler

Price: $34
If this summer taught us anything, it's the joy and beauty in joining friends in the park or at the beach with some nice wine. To do it right, though, you need a proper vessel to keep your vino chilled en route. That's where this nifty bag and cooler comes in—it's functional, attractive, and a great gift for any wine-lover in your life.

Grace Han

Aesop Hand Soap

Price: $39
Nothing against Softsoap and those adorable clownfish, but in these times of excessive handwashing, you're going to want something that cleans, moisturizes, and smells freaking amazing. Aesop makes a refined hand wash that most people probably wouldn't buy for themselves, but would surely appreciate as a gift.  

Grace Han

W&P Craft Cocktail Syrups

Price: $35
For the cocktail fiend on your list whose busy schedule doesn't always permit them to go full mixologist, these lovely craft cocktail syrups from W&P make for a great gift. The set of three includes mixes for a an Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, and Spicy Margarita, and all they need to add is their own booze and have a ready-to-drink cocktail made in seconds. 

Grace Han

DEERC Mini Drone

Price: $56 
Drones can range from $20 to $5,000. This little unmanned ship right here is a great place to start. It has a built-in camera that links up to your smartphone and very user-friendly controls. The best part? One-tap landing and takeoff. 

Grace Han

Wireless Karaoke Mic

Price: $30.99
In-person karaoke may not be advisable at the moment (screw you, COVID!), but this handy wireless mic makes it easy to sing your heart out at home. It's Bluetooth equipped and has a built-in speaker that not only amplifies whatever music you want to sing along to, but also the singer's voice. Plus, there are a number of effects you can employ (including reverb), that make it sound as though you're singing to a huge crowd. 

Grace Han


Price: $24.99
Pretty much everyone has been stressed out the past year. One way to help alleviate that is with a little aromatherapy. This small yet mighty diffuser will blast out myriad fragrances from any number of essential oils on the market. And the best part is mixing the oils together to create the perfect scent to match your mood. 

Grace Han

Zero Waste Market Kit

Price: $38
We're big fans of sustainable gifting, and even bigger fans of gifts that will help others embrace a more sustainable life. That's why we're loving this Zero Waste Market kit from the Package Free Shop. It's stocked with the perfect grouping of reusable bags and vessels designed for carrying a proper haul from any farmer's market or grocery store, including two reusable glass jars, a string bag, two cotton produce bag (including one that's netted), a string bag, and another drawstring produce bag.

Grace Han

Duet 50 Pro Earbuds

Price: $49.99
There are a lot of earbuds on the market in the sub-$50 category, but few have the quality sound and bass that the Duet 50 Pros have. Sound quality aside, these earbuds will hold a charge for 130 hours and fit snugly in your ear (so they're great for runners, bikers, and fitness enthusiasts). 

Grace Han

Booze Infusion Kits

Price: $32-49
Give the gift of elevated at-home happy hour-ing with these delicious infusion kits, which come included with two 16-ounce glass jars, a filtering spout, and two packs of pre-measured infusion blends. Simply pick a type of booze (gin, rum, vodka, tequila, or whiskey) and the infusion blends will be matched accordingly. The only thing your giftee will need to worry about is adding their own alcohol. 

Grace Han

Leatherman Micra

Price: $29.95
Everyone should have a Leatherman. Where you keep it is up to you, but this tool is one of  the most famous and respected tools in the world for a reason. It's compact, multi-faceted, and will always be there for you when a pesky screw or nail threatens to make a mockery out of your home.

Grace Han

Native Maps

Price: $31.50
Whether you're shopping for someone who just moved to a new city or want to celebrate their hometown pride, these beautiful minimalist neighborhood and city maps make for a great gift. They're available for dozens of cities across the country, come in a variety of color palettes, and make for an excellent addition to any bare wall. 

Grace Han

GE Lighting LED Smart Bulb with Speaker

Price: $44.99
This might seem like an odd gift. Honestly, who gets someone a lightbulb? BUT This LED Smart Bulb is next level. You can control color and hues through an app, connect up to 10 bulbs on a hub, and connect to Bluetooth so your mood lighting and mood music will seamlessly go hand in hand.

Grace Han

Countertop Composter

Price: $32
Composting may not be the sexiest gift category, but this sturdy, odor-preventing (not to mention nice to look at) countertop compost bucket is a great way to make it easier for your giftee to start practicing a more sustainable food waste management habit. Its handsome bamboo handle makes it easy to carry and dump when full, while its dual odor-blocking carbon filters ensure it won't stink up their kitchen. 

Grace Han

A Cashmere Scarf

Price: $30
Warm scarves are great, but a warm cashmere scarf? They're the greatest. The super-soft, ultra cozy feel of cashmere around one's neck is an underrated luxury, and this lovely option from Uniqlo provides just that. Plus, they're available in five different colors, and will set you back significantly less cash than pretty much any other cashmere garment or accessory out there. 

Grace Han

Philodendron Shangri La

Price: $35
This is a great plant to get anyone—from seasoned plant parent to total newbie. It's easy to take care of, famously not fussy, and will look great on a shelf or windowsill.

Grace Han

Outdoor Fellow Candles

Price: $36
Candle lovers always appreciate a new scent to burn, but the world of scented candles is vast and filled with sub-par offerings. You don't have to worry about that with Outdoor Fellow, whose hand-poured, natural coconut wax offerings deliver a perfect subtle punch of fragrance—inspired by nature and different locations around the world—in myriad scent options (though we're partial to Winter Fir, ourselves). Plus, you can feel good about your purchase, because 5% of sales goes to The Trust for Public Land in an effort to help keep public lands available for public use. 

Grace Han

Mini Flashlight

Price: $32.95
You never need a flashlight until you really need a flashlight. And then when you find one, the batteries are usually dead. This Olight is a great gift for two major reasons: 1) it's powerful, making it great for camping trips or outdoor activities, and 2) it's small, meaning you can store it somewhere you'll actually remember and when it's time to use it, it won't be dead.

Grace Han

Actually Good Sunglasses Under $50

Price: $50
Knockaround sunglasses have very much earned their name. We've been on numerous hikes, camping trips, and long spiked seltzer-fueled beach days with ours. With every pair, you're getting full UV400 protection and polarized lenses. And they offer a ton of styles, so finding the perfect pair isn't an issue. 

Grace Han

Bombas Socks

Price: $45.60
Alright, we know what you're thinking: Socks? As a gift? Groundbreaking. We hear you, but we also implore you to buy Bombas socks if you're going to go that route. They're exceedingly comfortable, snug, warm, and downright fun to look at. Plus, the brand is dedicated to giving back, and for every pair of socks purchased, they donate a pair to those in need (to date, they've donated over 30 million items to thousands of organizations around the country).

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