12 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Mom on Your List

Mother's Day may be a little different this year, but that's all the more reason to make it count.

Emily Carpenter/Thrillist
Emily Carpenter/Thrillist
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Though we may be celebrating Mother’s Day a bit differently this year, with at-home Zoom brunches and socially distant salutes to all the beloved moms in our lives, that’s even more reason to put extra thought into a gift. There's nothing wrong with a bouquet of roses and a nice card, but why not step it up?

To help you out, we've pulled together a range of options for moms of all types and tastes, from low-maintenance plants and sophisticated skincare sets, to color-coordinated top-quality dog-cessories and next-level baked goods. And before you freak out, many of these can still be rush-delivered to arrive just in time (Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10), but you'll need to act fast.

SkinStore/Emily Carpenter

For the spa regular

Skinstore Facial Kits
A gift card to her favorite spa is essentially useless right now, but why not give her what she needs to pamper herself at home? This at-home facial kit from TriPollar Geneo comes with the cleansers, gels, and creams she’ll need to give herself a spa-caliber facial (even if she doesn’t have the special TriPollar “oxygenation device"). And if DIY facials aren’t quite her thing, Skinstore has a huge selection of other at-home spa treatment ideas worth considering instead.

Wild Ones/Emily Carpenter

For the pet-obsessed

Wild One Dog Walking Kits
: $88
Now that walking the dog has become the highlight of the day for many -- and a good excuse to get outside and move -- a brand new “walking kit” for the fur baby-obsessed mom in your life is particularly practical. Wild One’s includes a trio of slick pup-cessories in coordinating color palettes: a leash, harness, and poop bag carrier. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit doggos of all stripes.

Bloomscape/Emily Carpenter

For would-be gardeners and florists

$65 and up
For the same price of a nice bouquet of tulips, you can send a lovely potted plant that can live well beyond a week or two (and remind her of you whenever she waters it). Bloomscape has an expertly curated selection of options to pick from, including lots that require very little maintenance and upkeep (from pothos to the drought-tolerant “easy peasy” trio) plus more advanced options like orchids, if your mom has a tried and true green thumb.

Parachute/Emily Carpenter

For bath enthusiasts

Parachute Spa Towels
$69 and up
Though it’s easy to underestimate the soothing power of a good towel, the difference between stepping out of the bath into an average bath towel that’s grown sandpapery with age and gently swaddling yourself in an ultra-soft bath sheet is monumental. Parachute makes some of the most luxurious spa-caliber bath sheets in the industry -- fashioned from fluffy-yet-durable terry cloth -- and they make the perfect gift for moms who love nothing more than a long, soothing soak. 

Otherland/Emily Carpenter

For the fragrance collector

Otherland Candles
$36 and up
Candles? As a Mother’s Day gift? Groundbreaking. Or at least that’s what you’d say if you’ve never had a whiff of the sophisticated scents from Otherland. The brand, which makes all-natural candles that are elevated at both a fragrance and aesthetic level to the point that they’ve been described as “avant-garde statement pieces,”  offers a selection of five core scents: Chandelier, Daybed, Canopy, Kindling, and Rattan. Opt for one or a three-pack of your choosing, and they’ll ship it in a special Mother’s Day-themed gift box.

Milk Bar/Emily Carpenter

For the sweet treat lover

Milk Bar’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake
Milk Bar cakes exist on a dessert plane unto themselves, and if the mom on your list has a sweet tooth for truly transcendent baked goods, its freshly prepared-to-ship Strawberry Shortcake Cake is a no-brainer. It’s one of founder Christina Tosi’s first claims to fame before the bakery chain took off, and considering what’s in it (vanilla cake layers, lightly sweet creme fraiche frosting, creamy-crunchy milk crumbs, and Tristar strawberry jam), it’s no wonder why.

Le Creuset/Emily Carpenter

For the aspiring gourmand or bread maker

Le Creuset Dutch Oven
$124 and up
If you mom’s been been channeling her inner Ina Garten while self-isolating or embracing the sourdough bread stress-baking craze, she’s probably eyeing a Dutch oven. And when it comes to the classic cast iron kitchen workhorse, Le Creuset makes the best. Even better? They’re on sale!

Winc/Emily Carpenter

For the wine-obsessed

Winc Gift Card/Subscription
$60 and up
Winc is one of our favorite wine subscription clubs, namely because it's affordable and simplifies the process of figuring out what kinds of wines you’ll likely enjoy (courtesy of a nifty questionnaire), and is stocked with a thoughtfully curated selection of varietals. If your mom is just getting into vino, or is a longtime oenophile with an adventurous palate, consider setting her up with a gift subscription of any length, and she’ll receive a delivery of bottles tailored to her tastes every month. 

Lululemon/Emily Carpenter

For the athleisure enthusiast

You don’t have to be a fitness freak to appreciate Lululemon’s stock of super-comfy athleisure wear, but if your mom is yoga-obsessed (or even dabbling in other virtual workouts these days), she’ll be delighted to suit up in any of the brand’s body-hugging active garb. If you’re not sure what piece or pieces to get, Lululemon’s helpfully assembled a great Mother’s Day section on its site.

L'Occitane/Emily Carpenter

For luxury lotion fiends

L’Occitane Gift Sets
$29 and up
With militant hand-washing now a part of our daily routines, cracked skin has become a nuisance of its own, which is just one of the many reasons a set of luxury lotions from L’Occitane make for a wonderful gift right now. The French company has an extensive selection of soothingly scented gift sets to suit moms. Our recommendation? The stress-relieving Lavender Collection.

Made By Mary/Emily Carpenter

For the mom who appreciates sentimental jewelry

Mamma Bear Jewelry Collection
$38 and up
This understated collection from the independent jeweler Made By Mary features a selection of different elegantly simple pendant necklaces (available in gold, silver, and rose gold) intended to celebrate motherhood. You can choose from necklaces with a single hanging disc (artfully engraved with the words “Mama Bear” or “Mama Bird”), or opt for one with a stack of smaller discs meant to represent her and her children (each disc comes engraved with child's respective “birth flower”).

Bouqs/Emily Carpenter

For something simple (and last-minute)

Bouqs Flowers
$44 and up
Yes, flowers as a Mother’s Day gift are a bit expected, but if you’re stumped -- or waited until the last-minute -- and want to make sure you brighten her day, they’re a safe standby. Bouqs offers an extensive selection of farm-fresh bouquets (sortable by flower type or color), and offers delivery via FedEx and through local vendors (when you order an Artisan bouquet).

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