9 Outdoor Heaters to Buy Right Now So You Can Hang Outside All Winter

Outdoor heaters are selling out fast, but we've tracked down 9 great options for every budget that are still in-stock and up for grabs.

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There's no way to put this lightly: Winter is coming. And with it, an end to all of the socially distant hangs you've been able to enjoy outdoors for the past six months. 

But what if they didn't have to end? All you need is a proper outdoor heater setup, and you can keep up those al fresco happy hour hangs without freezing your butt off. However, patio heaters are in such high demand right now that they can be tough to come by, so we tracked down nine reliable options -- to fit every budget -- that are currently in stock and ready to ship. 

Mr. Heater Buddy | Amazon

Under $100

Price: $53
There is a 100% chance Hank Hill would try to sell you on this. The portability alone makes it an excellent piece of equipment for backyard BBQs, tailgating (responsibly!), or just throwing in your backyard and pointing directly at you -- the price doesn't hurt either. Definitely do not bring inside. Ever.

Price: $74
This lil' portable inferno is just what you need for cold weather camping trips -- or ice fishing if you're into that. It effectively heats up spaces that are approximately 225 square feet (so more than enough to warm up your tent) and hooks up to a 1lb cylinder of propane (about the size of a water bottle). It'll run consistently for three hours on full blast, so definitely don't keep it on full blast.

Price: $83
Not a fan of clean burning, efficient propane and propane accessories? Check out this electric Remington heater that is perfect for smaller spaces like bedrooms, garages, office cubicles, or your ice fishing cabin -- if you're into that. 

Price: $100
This tabletop propane heater is perfect for cozy outdoor spaces, like city patios and small decks. In all likelihood, it won't warm you up enough where you'll want to take your jacket off, but should keep your hands and face sufficiently warm -- even in an ice fishing cabin, as this absolute unit has an auto-shutoff when it senses a lack of oxygen (for real!). 

Star Patio Electric Heater | Amazon

Under $200

Great for: Modest backyard hangs and s'mores making
Price: $140
Although this is technically built for camping, Ignik's super-portable heater/stove makes for an ideal heat source for a small group. Gather around it on your deck or patio, up on the roof, or even in your local park, and it'll help offset the nip in the air. Even better? Since it's designed to function as a stove you can also use it to mix up some proper hot toddies, or roast some s'mores. 

Price: $150 
Mount this thing under the eave of your deck or outdoor patio, and it’ll provide a quiet warmth for everyone sitting in the vicinity. It heats an area up to 15 square feet, can be adjusted to face any angle, and comes with a remote control so you can manage heat levels without getting up.

Price: $150
If you're looking for a heater that will seamlessly blend in with your patio aesthetic, this infrared pillar from Star is a solid affordable option. Not only does it look great with its matte black finish and ornamental design, but it's powerful enough to heat an area of 15 square feet silently, and are effective even when it's windy. 

Hampton Bay Pyramid Heater | Amazon

Over $200

Price: $470
Boasting a whopping 47,000 BTUs, this handsome, 7.5-foot propane tower heater is powerful enough to keep a sizable deck or patio comfortable when the mercury dips. It's also equipped with a quick-start ignition so you can get it going with the press of a button, has a control valve to regulate temperature, and features a rust-resistant finish to keep it looking fresh when it takes a beating from the elements.

Price: $704
If you're trying to have people over and grill while it's cold out, you're probably the kind of person who likes ice fishing. You're also probably the kind of person who'd do well with The Infratech Patio Heater. Mount this up in your patio, and you'll quickly and easily heat up an 11'x11' area. The infrared tech means that you'll be heating people and objects, not air. 

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