The Most Popular & Bestselling Patio Heaters on Amazon

An outdoor heater lets you enjoy being outside without sacrificing comfort, and can impress guests by making your outdoor space feel luxe yet homey.

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With temperatures dropping in the coming months, enjoying the outdoors comes with new challenges. You might no longer break a sweat every time you step outside, but what to do about chilly evenings in the backyard? May we humbly suggest: a) wear a jacket and b) consider a patio heater.

Anyone who has dined outdoors in the past year knows the wonder that is a powerful outdoor heater. Chilly nights feel cozy and intimate, like gathering around a campfire, only without all the smoke and mess. Heaters let you enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort, and you can impress guests by making your outdoor space feel luxe yet homey. Just keep in mind that you’ll probably need to buy gas separately. With a variety of aesthetics and convenient controls, as well as reliable weather-proof design and safety features, these patio heaters are sure to be the star of your next outdoor gathering.

Amazon Basics Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

This Amazon Basics patio heater combines reliable, even heating with convenient controls and safety features. Power up the heater with a touch of a button, then turn the control knob to adjust the heat. In addition to the wheels on its base for portability, this heater includes a shut-off tilt valve and water box weight for increased safety. There are plenty of color options for a neutral, unobtrusive aesthetic, but if you’re feeling like a pop of a bright hue, consider the Bahama Blue color. With heat capabilities extending to a nine-foot radius, the Amazon Basics heater promises to keep your whole party cozy and warm.

Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater

Featuring an elegant glass cylinder that encloses mesmerizing flames, the Hiland Pyramid offers solid heat output and will look elegant on any patio. The wheeled base makes it easy to transport wherever you need it. At over seven feet tall, this attractive heater promises to make your outdoor space comfortable for many months of the year.

Belleze Gas Outdoor Patio Heater

Despite its mid-range price point, the Belleze offers an impressive heating range of over fifteen feet. Enjoy cozy warmth with the simple touch of a button, and customize heat settings according to your liking. Thanks to the convenient wheels at the base, you can relocate this heater with ease to wherever you need it. And if for whatever reason you don’t love this heater and its features, you can return it within 100 days for your money back.

Briza Infrared Patio Heater

Unlike some of the other options in this roundup, the Briza Infrared heater can be mounted on walls and ceilings (and it also comes with an adjustable tripod if you prefer a freestanding heater). The infrared technology produces heat that mimics the sun, raising surface temperatures as well as ambient temperature. What’s more, the Briza can withstand the harsh elements or be used indoors during the winter. This versatile heater is also outfitted with multiple safety features, including a protective metal shell and tilt sensor.

FDW Outdoor Patio Heater

The stainless steel FDW patio heater is another great option to heat your patio space when hosting guests all year long. This heater is easy to assemble and has wheels for easy mobility. In addition, the heater shuts off automatically when the tilt valve is triggered or the gas runs out. And if you live in a particularly windy area, you have the option to affix the heater to your deck with screws. 

Dr. Infrared Heater

The Dr. Infrared heater offers a durable, weather-proof, and efficient solution to find comfort in the chilly outdoors. This heater is outfitted with an LED display and remote control for convenient operation. Simply choose from one of three heating modes to suit your needs and set the timer to eliminate any worry about remembering to turn the heater off. Depending on your needs, you can easily install the Dr. Infrared heater on a wall or ceiling, or purchase a tripod separately.


hOmeLabs Gas Patio Heater

A convenient alternative to a fire pit, this patio heater promises to keep your outdoor gatherings warm even as temperatures dip. With rust-resistant steel, multiple heat settings, and an unobtrusive design, this heater is a great option for small or large parties. The table around the base is wide enough for a set of wine glasses, so you can relax and enjoy the warmth with no hassle.

UPHA Outdoor Patio Heater

The UPHA patio heater is a durable option equipped with convenient features for operation and safety. Quick and easy to assemble, this propane-powered heater includes a flexible hose, durable stainless steel burners, and double mantle heating grid. The heat control knob offers easy temperature adjustment, a slant valve protects in case of tipping over, and the lamp automatically turns off at the end of the night. These features allow you to focus on entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors.

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