12 Legendary Pizza Joints Around the Country That Will Ship Right to Your Door

Switch up your slice intake with some fresh pizza shipped straight from some of the most iconic melted-cheese-on-bread institutions in America.

Goldbelly/Bartolini's Pizza
Goldbelly/Bartolini's Pizza

Everyone has their go-to pizza spot. Maybe it's the neighborhood joint where everyone knows your order, or the super-popular restaurant that turns out next-level wood-fired pies. Whatever yours is, it's good to have a reliably good place to give in to your regular piping-hot-melted-cheese-on-dough cravings. 

Of course, variety is the spice of the life, and you owe it to your taste buds to expand your pizza horizons. Luckily, it's easier than you think to sample some of the most delicious pies from around the country. We've pulled together a master list of 12 outstanding and legendary pizza joints across the U.S. that will ship fresh to your door via Goldbelly. All you need to worry about is figuring out what toppings to get. 

Goldbelly/Emmy Squared

Price: $89
Looking to mix up your slice intake with some Detroit-Style pizzas? NYC's Emmy Squared makes some of our favorites, with a fluffy, focaccia-like dough topped with caramelized, perfectly crispy cheese and a whole slew of different topping options. This pack gets you three pizzas (each roughly 7"x9") from your choice of 12 different types including its super popular Colony (red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled jalapenos, and honey) and The Emmy (banana peppers, red onion, and ranch).

Goldbelly/Imo's Pizza

Price: $71.40
For over 50 years, Imo's has been the go-to for countless St. Louisans thanks to its trademark "St. Louis-style" thin crust circular pies with square slices topped with Provel cheese (a combination of cheddar, Swiss, and provolone). This pack gets you four pies (each one serves roughly 2-3 people), with toppings of your choosing.

Goldbelly/Lou Malnati's

Price: $66.99
Even if you're not a super-fan of Chicago-style deep dish pizza (though honestly, how could you not be?), you probably know about Lou Malnati's. The legendary Chicago institution and its deep dish pizza recipe have been a staple of the Windy City for over 50 years, and now you can get the gooey goodness shipped straight to your house. This pack includes two made-fresh-to-order-and-frozen Lou Malnati's pizzas (which can serve 2-4 people, or possibly more because these things are FILLING) from your choice of six styles: cheese, pepperoni, sausage, veggie, spinach, or crustless. 

Goldbelly/Zappardi's Apizza

Price: $79
Zuppardi's has been specializing in authentic New Haven-style pizza (thin crust and coal-fired) since 1934, and is still in the Zuppardi family. Each of these boxes comes with your choice of six different pies (10" each) and can serve between 10 and 12 people. Choose from traditional plain, mozzarella, mozzarella and sausage (a fan favorite), mozzarella and pepperoni, or mozzarella and fresh tomato.

Goldbelly/Bartolini's Pizza

Price: $149
If you're torn between thin and thick crust, Chicago's Bartolini's Pizza has you covered. Since 1995 they've been turning out top-notch versions of both and this combo pack of four includes two thin crust and two deep dish pies (each 12") from your choice of 10 topping options (we humbly suggest getting at least one of the Meatball Lovers). 

Goldbelly/Di Fara Pizza

Price: $89
Brooklyn's Di Fara first opened in 1965 and has been deemed as the best pizzeria in New York City multiple times by many critics. Each of these two plain New York-style Neapolitan pies (made fresh to order and 12" each) is topped with a truly transcendent tomato sauce and a three-cheese blend (fresh buffalo mozzarella, fior di latte, and Parmigiano-Regiiano), plus scissor-cut basil from owner Domenico De Marco's garden.

Goldbelly/Picasso's Pizza

Price: $129
For 40 years, Buffalo's Picasso's has been making its "Buffalo Style" pies, which frankly look almost too good to be real. They're made from homemade dough, a secret family recipe sauce (made with romano cheese), locally made Sorrento mozzarella, hand cut aged pepperoni (if that's what you want on top), plus a signuature "magic dust" topping, which sounds simultaneously mysterious and delicious. This pack comes with two made-to-order pepperoni pizzas and two cheese pizzas, each measuring roughly 12"x9" and big enough to serve 2-4 people.

Goldbelly/Heggies Pizza

Price: $119
Based in Milaca, Minnesota, Heggies started nearly 30 years ago as a small-time pizza operation out of a two-stall garage, but has grown incredibly popular in the area and beyond since. This pack comes with six 12-inch pizzas of your choosing from a selection of 12 "flavors" including Inferno (with "just enough jalapenos to keep things interesting"), a breakfast pizza, and the Six Pack, which is loaded with sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, bacon, cheddar, and mozzarella.

Goldbelly/Cape Cod Cafe Pizza

Price: $89
Using the same recipe its relied on for the last 70 years, Cape Cod Pizza Cafe turns out the authentic "bar pizza" that first made it famous in Eastern Massachusetts. The pies themselves -- originally meant to provide bar patrons with an inexpensive meal -- feature a thin, biscuit-like crust, and are small enough to be eaten by one person. This pack comes with four pies (each 10-inches) from your choice of five options: cheese, mushroom, pepperoni, onion & pepper, or Buffalo chicken.

Goldbelly/Roberta's Pizza

Price: $69
Odds are you've heard about Brooklyn's Roberta's Pizza and how popular and trendy it is (and yes, Beyoncé and Jay-Z famously love it), but sceney reputation aside, it does make truly outstanding pizza. Each pie is handmade with made-from-scratch dough and homemade mozzarella, and baked in a wood-burning oven imported from Italy. This pack includes two pizzas: one margarita (topped with bright tomato sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil), and one Baby Sinclair (nine-month aged Cheddar, Parmigiano, charred kale, fresh garlic, and Calabrian chiles).

Goldbelly/Bimbo's Pizza

Price: $99
If you're a fan of traditional thin and crispy style pizza, Bimbo's is where it's at. The spot has been open and family owned since 1959 and become a Kalamazoo, Michigan staple thanks to its crunchy crust, homemade sauce, and stretchy cheese. This pack comes with a customizable four-pie sampler (each one is 12") from a selection of five topping varieties.

Goldbelly/Speedy Romeo

Price: $99
Another Brooklyn spot with a legacy all its own is Speedy Romeo, which has built quite a following thanks to its incredible wood-fired pies. This pack of "Best Sellers" lets you sample three of its 12" pies from a choice of eight like the St. Louie (house made sausage, pepperoni, hot soppressata, and pickled chilis), Pauls Boutique (deli pastrami, Dijon bechamel, smoked red kraut, and fontina cheese with a crust seasoned with "everything bagel" spice), and the White Album (a "blanket" of mozzarella, ricotta, Provel, pecorino, and Parmesan with a bechamel base and roasted garlic).

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