These Top-Notch Italian Sandwich Kits Are the Ultimate Lunch Flex

Looking to mix up your WFH lunch routine? NYC's Alidoro is now shipping some of its best-selling sandwiches all across the country.

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Although many of us have had plenty of time to perfect our own sandwich-making skills while working from home for the past eight months, some things are best left to the pros. But what if you could get the pros to supply you with all the necessary ingredients and knowhow to recreate their transcendent specialty sandwiches from the comfort of your kitchen? Luckily, you can. Alidoro, one of the tastiest Italian sandwich shops in New York City, is now shipping its specialty sandwich kits nationwide on Goldbelly, so you can get a taste of its delectable bread-bedecked creations without leaving your house. 

The legendary sandwich spot, which has been a hit with locals and visiting sandwich gurus alike since its first spot opened in Soho in the mid-'80s, has put together a variety of DIY "kits" for you to make some of its best-sellers at home. Each kit arrives fresh with all the local (and imported Italian) ingredients and fixins' you'll need, including specialty meats, cheeses, spreads, bread, and more, to make four individual sandwiches—the perfect number if you're feeding a hungry houseful, or, ya know, a very hungry self.

Here's a taste of what's available to order.

"The Brando" Smoked Chicken + Provolone Sandwich Kit - 4 Pack

Consider this a sandwich you can't refuse. This kit comes with everything you'll need to recreate four of Alidoro's "Brando" sandwiches, including smoked chicken breast, arugula, sweet roasted peppers, provolone, fresh semolina bread.

"The Alidoro" Spicy Prosciutto Sandwich Kit - 4 Pack

This kit comes stocked with everything you'll to make four of its flagship sandwiches, including prosciutto, mushroom paste, habanero hot spread, sweet roasted peppers, arugula, fennel, and fresh semolina bread.

"The Pinocchio" Prosciutto + Soppressata + Mozzarella Sandwich Kit - 4 Pack

No fibbing, Alidoro's Pinocchio sandwich is one of the best we've ever had. This kit comes with everything you'll need to make four of them, including prosciutto, soppressata, olive paste, sweet roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, and fresh semolina bread.

"The Matthew" Prosciutto + Mozzarella Sandwich Kit - 4 Pack

Although "Matthew" may not be the sexiest name for a sandwich, this Alidoro staple is nonetheless drool-worthy. This kit comes stocked with what you'll to recreate four of them, including prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, arugula, homemade balsamic dressing, and fresh semolina bread.

Italian Sandwich Kits - Choose Your Own 4 Pack

Can't decide on which of the other four sandwich kits to settle on? You don't have to. This kit let's you customize your 4-pack of kits (you get to pick two different sandwich types, and receive everything needed to make two of each).

If you have a particularly big crew to feed, Alidoro also offers an even larger (and slightly pricier) "Best Sellers" pack, which comes with enough ingredients to make two each of its four most popular sandwiches.

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