Pull off a Proper Sausage Feast With These Legendary Link-Makers

Treat yourself to a true sausage feast with some fresh links from some of the best purveyors in the country that'll deliver right to your door.

Goldbelly/Bangers Sausage House
Goldbelly/Bangers Sausage House
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Thanks to the madness of 2020, Oktoberfest came and went with a whimper this year. It's a bummer, for sure, but it doesn't mean that you can't still go full-tilt on sausage-eating (and beer drinking, if you're into that) at home this fall. In fact, you can stock up on fresh, premium linked meats from some of the greatest sausage makers in the country without even leaving your house. 

Whether you're in the mood for bratwurst, spicy smoked options, venison and boar sausage, or any number of other varieties, we've pulled together a selection of 9 top-notch purveyors around the U.S. who will ship their wares directly to your door via Goldbelly. 

Goldbelly/Catskill Food Company

Price: $129
Catskill Food Co. prides itself on creating the "next generation of classic American sausages" by using top-quality, all-natural meats and spices, and this "choose your own" box is a great way to sample its selection of best-sellers. Get your pick of four varieties (six links each) from a bounty of options, including Bacon Blue Cheeseburger Sausage, Sweet Italian Sausage, Garlic Beer Sausage, Beer Brat, Hot Italian Sausage, Chorizo, Tzaziki Sausage, Kielbasa, Chinese Dumpling Sausage, and Maple Date Sausage.

Goldbelly/State Street Brats

Price: $59
If you're crazy for brats, you owe it to yourself to try State Street Brats' exceptional recipe. This box gets you a 10-pack of its famous brats, whether you're into the Reds (mixture of pork and beef), White (pork-only), or a combo of both. 

Goldbelly/Louie Mueller Barbecue

Price: $99
If you're in the market for some true Texas-style beef sausage, Louis Mueller Barbecue's got you with this special pack, which comes with a "Texas Dozen" links (aka 13 for us non-Lone Star-staters). Each one is made fresh by hand from pure beef, tallow and a variety of seasonings, and stuffed in a natural hog casing.

Goldbelly/Schaller & Weber

Price: $89
For those looking for a true Oktoberfest spread, this pack from New York's Schaller & Weber covers the bases. S&W's been turning out German-style sausages for nearly 100 years, and this feast (enough to feed 10) showcases some of its finest offerings. You'll get bratwurst, knackwurst (a thick, short frankfurter with special seasoning), Nürnberger bratwurst (a traditional skinny bratwurst seasoned with marjoram and ground caraway seeds), Weisswurst (a Bavarian speciality made from a very fine grind of pork and veal and typically served at Oktoberfest as a morning meal), plus a pack of S&W's spicy mustard and sweet mustard.

Goldbelly/Broken Arrow Ranch

Price: $85
Texas' Broken Arrow Ranch specializes in game meat, and its sausage collection is a great way to introduce yourself to some of the best. This Wild Game Sausage Pack gets you five packs of BAR wild game sausages -- all of which is made from free-roaming animals raised on large Texas ranches -- including venison smoked sausage, venison bratwurst, wild boar smoked sausage, wild boar Italian sausage, and wild boar summer sausage.

Goldbelly/Banger's Sausage House

Price: $79
Banger's Sausage House in Austin, Texas has been serving up handmade sausages in small batches since its founding in 2012, and now you can get your fix of the good stuff right at home. This 12 pack allows you to choose three sausage 4-packs in five different flavor options: Bratwurst, Drunk Chicken, Jalapeno Cheddar, Spicy Italian, and Chicken Apple.

Goldbelly/Old 300 BBQ

Price: $99
Another Texas offering in the mix (Old 300 is based in Blanco, Texas), this pack from the legendary BBQ joint two pounds of either its regular smoked sausage or jalapeno sausage, plus a loaf of bread and your choice of sweet or spicy sauce.

Goldbelly/Schmidt's Sausage House

Price: $129
Originally launched as a meat packing house back in 1886, Schmidt's Sausage Haus has been treating diners to delicious meals for over 80 years. Now, you can sample some of its most popular sausage at home, with this combo pack. You'll get five pounds of Bahama Mama smoked sausage (a fully cooked natural hickory smoked beef and pork sausage) and five pounds of Knockwurst, which is made using the same beef/pork blend as the Bahama Mama, plus a blend of seasoning and a hint of garlic.

Goldbelly/Smoking Goose Meatery

Price: $85
For the grilling gurus out there, this collection from Smoking Goose Meatery in Indianapolis comes with everything for a proper feast. The pack -- which can serve between 12-16 people -- features links of its popular Caraway & Kolsch Bratwurst (a collab with Indianapolis' Daredevil Brewing), Smoked Kitchen Sink Sausage, Hillbelly Breakfast Sausage, Fresh Mexican Chorizo, a pack of Applewood Bacon. and even a big Smoked Pork Chop.

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