Stay Warm & Dry Until Spring with These Winter-Proof Snow Pants

We rounded up some of the best and most popular options out there, and they're all under $60.

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There’s a certain satisfaction that comes along with addressing the elements clad with just the right equipment. Whether you’re conquering icy terrain with some microspikes, remembering your umbrella for a rainy walk to work, or applying the optimal SPF at the beach—humans rarely outsmart Mother Nature, so we have to take the small wins when we can.

Staying warm and dry with a good pair of snow pants fits nicely into that venture. If you live in a place that spends a quarter of the year or more buried in snow, some insulated, waterproof pants will help you dig your way out and enjoy the winter wonderland as intended.

To help complete your perfect snowy fit, we found some of the best snow pants available on Amazon in both women’s and men’s sizes. Like most Amazon products, you can count on free returns for each option, so there’s no harm in ordering a few pairs and seeing which one sticks.

Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

This pair from Arctix is among the most popular snow pant on all of Amazon, and for good reason. You can choose from a bunch of different colors and patterns, and adjustable waist straps plus belt loops ensure a perfect fit. There’s a Thermalock coating to block out wind, water and snow, and synthetic insulation will keep your lower half warm despite the weather. 

Free Soldier Men’s Outdoor Softshell Fleece Lined Cargo Pants

If you like your snow pants to just kinda look like regular pants, this Free Soldier pair is a solid choice. They’re warm and soft with polar fleece on the inside, and you can count on durable waterproofing on the outer shell. Think of these as a veritable Swiss Army knife for winter activity that’ll work well for shoveling, hikes, skiing, and anything else you cook up. 

Arctic Quest Women’s Insulated Water Resistant Ski & Snow Pants

If you like the added coverage and security of overalls, check out these bib pants that come with plenty of zippered pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, and reinforced knee stitching. Insulated performance fabric ensures comfortable snow froclicking, and you can choose from nine different color options.

BenBoy Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Pants

These BenBoy waterproof pants are designed with hikes in mind, but they’ll work just as well on the slopes or the sledding hill. A stylish, water repellent design is paired with an interior fleece lining, and you can pack the three zippered pockets with all of your essentials.

Postropaky Women’s Outdoor Snow Ski Pants

For those who prefer a slim fit and a tight ankle, this Postropaky pair comes in a little more snug without compromising warmth or waterproofing. They're also versatile, with a zipper on the ankle to allow for ski boots and stretchy spandex for added flexibility. 

Gash Hao Men’s Snow Ski Snowboard Pants

Another multi-functional pair, these Gash Hao men’s snow pants are perfect for outdoor chores, travel, and treks alike. They’re fleece-lined and quick-dry, and provide plenty of room to move with an adjustable and forgiving waist, plus added knee padding for tumbles on the slopes or the driveway. 

TSLA Women’s Winter Snow Pants

If you’re after a color or pattern that’ll pop against a winter white backdrop, you have plenty to choose from with this pair by TSLA. The three-layered design aids in warmth and water resistance, and you can easily slip them on or off via a snap button and velcro combo. 

TBMPOY Men’s Waterproof Fleece Lined Pants

Lightweight and breathable yet durable, this pair—which comes with a built-in belt—is sure to serve you well for forays into frozen fields, forests, or any other alliterative outdoor example you can think of. The practical design is a solid mesh of fashion and function, and you have 12 different colors to select from. 

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