9 Compact & Versatile Toiletry Bags to Keep Your Travel Products Tidy

Your spill-free suitcase will thank you later.

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Are you still stuffing your toiletries into a quart-size Ziplock? You deserve better. Upgrading to a functional, grown-up toiletry bag will improve both your packing experience and your time on vacation. Whether you choose a minimalist cosmetics kit that looks cool on a countertop or an oversized hanging contraption fit for a family of four, you’ll enjoy your right to a more organized suitcase with one of these nine great options. Each highly rated bag ranges in size, price, and design, but they all are guaranteed to improve your next packing experience. (Bonus: They also make very thoughtful holiday gifts.)

everlane toiletry bag

Everlane’s sleek and unique toiletry case rolls open to reveal a roomy main compartment, giving you a clear enough view of the interior not to mistake your conditioner for your cleanser. Smaller inner pockets (for your electric toothbrush charger, razor, and more) line the entire bag, which is made from recycled polyester and has hundreds of five-star reviews.

Dagne Dover toiletry case
Dagne Dover

If rifling through a mishmash of toiletries stresses you out, you may enjoy this clever organizer by Dagne Dover, a brand known for its thoughtfully designed bags and backpacks. The tall, cylindrical case has a separate compartment for each of your items, allowing them to stand upright and stay in place, while the lid stores Q-tips and other flat items. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this bag wipes clean easily, comes in two sizes, and looks very chic in a hotel bathroom.

WANDF Dopp Kit

This affordable Amazon dopp kit looks no-frills but is deceptively functional. Made with lightweight, water-resistant nylon that’s quick to dry if anything leaks, it has three different zipper compartments to keep you organized and a side handle that can be hung up or used for easy carrying.

bando rainbow stripe toiletry bag

For a toiletry bag that’s a party on the outside and comfortably straightforward on the inside, try this colorful case from Ban.do. It conveniently opens like a book and has plentiful pockets that are even more spacious than they look, reviewers say. Better yet, a rainbow-print, coated canvas exterior easily wipes clean and adds a whole lot of cheer to the packing process.

metallic pink toiletry bag
State Bags

Thanks to 15 fun, one-of-a-kind colors from metallic pink to airplane print, you won’t want to hide this toiletry bag in the cabinet once you get to your hotel. Compared to other hanging options, this efficient kit from State is medium in size, with three see-through sections to separate your shower goodies, cosmetics, you name it. When you’re ready to go, the whole thing zips up neatly to fit into even the most cramped of suitcases.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Ideal for the traveler with a serious skincare regimen—or even couples and families who want to store their things in the same place for the duration of a trip—this hanging bag has four large, transparent compartments. Each has enough space for many full-size toiletries, plus zippers and elastic straps to keep bottled items from toppling over on the road. More than 36,000 Amazon reviews attest to its extreme spaciousness. 

blue toiletry bag

This satisfyingly organized stand-up bag from Amazon is a toiletry kit and cosmetics case in one. The middle chamber stores shampoo and other bottled items, while two side pockets open flat to organize makeup brushes, palettes, compacts, and just about anything else you can think of.

hanging toiletry bag
Sea to Summit

If saving space is your priority when packing, try this water-resistant, lightweight yet durable bag favored by backpackers. Small zipper pockets separate your dry items from your toiletries, a hook hangs easily from your tent, and the bag itself weighs less than a quarter of a pound. Included with your purchase is a mini shatter-proof mirror.

clear toiletry bag

Frequent flier? Ditch the single-use plastic bags and invest in a reusable option that still gets you through TSA in a jiffy. This see-through kit is just the right size for your carry-on and has a separate pocket for things like cotton pads and a comb, making packing for a weekend trip a breeze.

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