Take DIY Brunch to New Heights with These Bestselling Waffle Makers

Leslie Knope would most definitely approve.

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If you love the idea of restaurant-quality brunch but can’t stomach the long waits and excessive prices, we’ve got a perfect solution for you. With an at-home waffle maker, you can enjoy Belgian waffles in the comfort of pajamas and Netflix. You can customize your waffles however you like—whether you prefer them crispy or airy, square or round, whole-wheat or dotted with ample chocolate chips. Unlike their pancake cousins, waffles have deep pockets to hold whatever toppings your heart desires, so any morning can feel gourmet.

With innovative features ensuring even cooking and easy cleanup, these waffle makers make breakfast (or lunch, or dinner—we don’t judge) simple, whether it’s a busy weekday or a lazy Sunday. Non-stick surfaces and containers for excess batter, as well as rotating plates and adjustable settings ensure perfectly cooked waffles that fit seamlessly into your everyday routine. We’ve rounded up the most popular waffle makers out there, so your only job is to decide which one is right for you.

oster waffle maker

If you’re looking for an affordable way to create Belgian waffles at home, consider this waffle maker from Oster. An eight-inch nonstick interior ensures that your deep-pocket waffles will release easily from the plates and makes for easy cleanup. A stainless steel exterior and safety handle adds durability and helpful safety features. A steal at under $20, the Oster offers convenient customizability with adjustable temperature, depending on your desired finish.

hamilton beach waffle maker

Upgrade your breakfast any morning with this waffle maker by Hamilton Beach. The whole family can fill up on delicious and perfectly cooked waffles, thanks to power and preheat lights that indicate when the nonstick plates are hot and ready for batter. The square shape means you can freeze extra waffles, store them in the freezer, then pop them in the toaster for a quick and easy weekday breakfast. And if you’re working with limited counter space, you’ll be pleased to know that the Hamilton Beach lid locks to allow for compact upright storage in a cabinet or pantry.

cuisinart waffle iron

You don’t need to pay for a fancy brunch to enjoy restaurant-style Belgian waffles—with this waffle maker by Cuisinart, you can bring gourmet breakfasts to your home kitchen. The nonstick plates on this waffle maker rotate 180 degrees to produce waffles with a crispy exterior and light interior. A control knob allows you to choose your desired browning, and LED lights and audible tones indicate when your waffle is finished.

black & decker waffle maker

Black+Decker offers a more affordable option for a rotating waffle maker, meaning you can achieve evenly cooked waffles without a huge investment. What’s more, the round nonstick plates can handle a variety of foods besides waffles, including hash browns, paninis, and even cinnamon rolls or brownies. Handy indicator lights display when cooking is complete, and the cool-touch handle locks to prevent leaks, meaning there’s no mess to clean up.

dash waffle maker

The convenient features of this waffle maker by Dash will streamline your breakfast, so you can enjoy waffles any day of the week. Built-in pockets on the sides of the plates catch excess batter from dripping into a sticky mess, and no-slip feet and easy-to-clean surfaces take the worry and stress out of your busy mornings. Quick heating and even cooking technology ensure consistent results, promising a perfect waffle every time.

bella waffle maker

In addition to nine precise browning settings and a rotating function, this durable waffle maker by Bella features a cool-touch handle and dishwasher-safe removable drip tray that eliminates the hassle of cleanup. With non-slip feet and convenient auto-lock, this waffle maker is well suited for everyday use—but if you need to make room on your counter, its folding handle makes compact storage simple.

Krups waffle maker

Unlike other options on this list, the Krups waffle maker features removable, dishwasher-safe plates for easy cleanup as well as a steam release system that guarantees fluffy waffles every time. No need for guessing when your waffle is done cooking—colored lights and an audible beep indicate exactly when it’s ready for plating. The crispy, extra-deep wells in the waffles are perfect for syrup and berries, or whatever delicious topping you choose.

presto ceramic waffle maker

This waffle maker by Presto features a unique ceramic interior, which is non-stick and distributes heat evenly for uniform cooking. The rotating function ensures that batter spreads fully for perfectly round waffles with a crispy exterior. A countdown timer allows you to multitask as these waffles cook, without risking undercooked batter or burnt edges. Since this appliance locks in a vertical position, compact storage is a cinch.

breville waffle maker

This stainless steel waffle baker from Breville is a luxurious choice for gourmet breakfasts at home. With custom settings for four batter types and twelve color preferences, this appliance produces restaurant-quality breakfast in the comfort of your own home. Convenient features like an automatic timer, LCD indicator, and an “a bit more” button ensure flawless cooking. A moat catches excess batter, reducing mess and waste. With the Breville, you can satisfy your cravings for delicious golden waffles every morning with ease.

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