Must-Have Accessories for the Outdoorsy Stoner

Adventure-friendly smoking supplies have probably progressed quite a bit since you last checked.

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This is the season for hiking, camping, waterfall jumping—at the very least, extra long dog walks. The warmer months are upon us and car rental prices are through the roof; it’s time to plan out those excursions and adventures you’ve been pining for all winter and spring and most of last year. 

Depending on where the road takes you, the differing laws around cannabis state-to-state—as well as the increased fire risk across most of them—require an increased degree of responsibility when incorporating cannabis into outdoor activities. Don’t worry, though, adventure-friendly smoking supplies have probably progressed quite a bit since you last checked. Here are eight of the tried-and-true, most exciting new accessories made for enthusiasts of cannabis and the outdoors.

Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist

Tetra's Windproof Lighter

I don’t need to remind any stoners how annoying it is to light a joint on a windy day, when you smoke half the thing just trying to keep it lit. The Slide Lighter by Tetra is a chic, compact lighter that slides to reveal and ignite a mini version of those classic, coil-styled car lighters. It’s not affected by the wind whatsoever; the coil heats the same indoors and out. The included USB cord makes it more environmentally-friendly than the Bic in your current hiking bag, and for all its style (four cool color options), it’s an affordable buy.

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Titanium Bong

Let’s pour one out for the broken glass bongs that have met a shattered fate. Personally, I keep my glass indoors, and opt for unbreakable smoking tools when in less predictable terrain outdoors. Dangle Supply developed steel bongs for exactly that reason, designing a practical, easily packable 7-inch bong that is meant to be packed up and banged around. The Poler X Dangle Supply DangleBong in Orange Speckle pays homage to the classic speckle of camp-friendly cooking gear with this adorable and extra durable ceramic coating.

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Travel Plugs For Your Piece

Just because I said I don’t use my glass bong outdoors does not mean I don’t travel with it. As someone who doesn’t own a car and relies on rentals for overnight trips, regulating weed smell in transit is key—even more so when your bong is as stinky as mine. These things are game changers. The silicone plugs come in a variety of sizes, literally plugging the open ends of your pieces to trap any residual bong water or resin fumes. One pack covers the mouth of the bong, the bit where the bowl inserts, and even little skinny ones for the end of a bowl or pipe. Since they’re silicone, you can wipe them clean between uses and they’re like new.

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Compostable Cleaning Wipes

Speaking of wipes—if we’re being honest, they’re the VIPs of every smoke sesh. Whether it’s resinous fingertips, a prohibitively gunked-up poker or ash smudged where it shouldn’t be, a wipe containing some kind of alcohol is an ideal solution. But when you’re out in the middle of a forest, or all set up on the far edge of a lake, that last thing you want is extra trash to lug around. These wipes can’t necessarily be tossed out in the wilderness, but they can be composted in proper compost sites, and the lavender oil, aloe, cucumber, chamomile flower, and white tea make it a much more natural, skin-friendly option for cleaning up any sticky sap or dirt in general.

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Smell-Proof Crossbody Bag

If there’s one thing on this list that will truly appeal to every kind of outdoorsy stoner, it’s the Companion Bag by the odor proof aficionados at Revelry. Each bag has a sturdy canvas exterior with rubber backing that also contains a carbon filter, containing smells of any supplies or extinguished butts from less flower-friendly passersby. This functional, unisex crossbody version comes in a variety of material and zipper colorways, featuring an outer pouch and a divider within the main, waterproof zipper.

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Portable Keychain Ashtray

There is zero excuse to be lazy about ashes and joints butts. It is all of our duty as nature lovers to carefully put out and dispose of any flammables and litter, so if you aren’t sure about the next time you’ll see a trash can, one of these keychain ashtrays provides an effortless safety net. This petite 1mm-thick aluminum container can fit around three roaches at a time, featuring a silicone ring around the screw top cap to bottle up all the ash and aromas.

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Groovy Picnic Blanket

Some of our “outdoors” is more parkside charcuterie than free climbing canyons. There is no shame in how you get your dose of fresh air; all tolerances are welcome here. This two-sided throw by Broccoli is perfect for those days when the grass is still a little damp—darker colored side down, and no grassy hint of green will make a difference. Designed by Katherine Plumb, the 50-inch x 58-inch woven blanket has a fun checkerboard pattern with flowers and “woozy, are-they-or-aren’t-they pot leaves'' subtle enough that no one’s going to be clutching their pearls at the park. If you do get grass stains on the lighter side, it’s 100% cotton so you can wash it in your machine as usual on a cold cycle.

Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist

Mister Green 'Bong Water' Classic Nalgene

Mister Green owns the cool, outdoors-loving stoner gear game, and it all started with this Bong Water Nalgene Bottle. No lie, the iconic item inspired the brand’s actual trademark of the words “bong water” in this regard. Everyone loves an unbreakable Nalgene; every use will provide an undeniable icebreaker in mixed company. This is what cannabis-inspired gear should be: useful, adventure-friendly, and funny.

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