6 Essential Smoking Supplies to Enhance Your Summer Stargazing

Appreciation for the cosmos is a hallmark of cannabis enthusiasts, but smoking outside, in nature—in the dark—requires certain supplies.

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Appreciation for the cosmos is a hallmark of cannabis enthusiasts. Giggling at planetariums; nerding out on horoscopes; associating “The Dark Side of the Moon” with the background music to our most fundamental smoking seshes—stoners love space stuff. And we’ve got stuff to look forward to this year! June’s Strawberry Moon will bring an especially bright moonlit night, and the Perseid Meteor Showers as well as Saturn’s closest, most viewable point to Earth happen in August.

As nights get warmer and outside is deemed even more safe than before, sitting out under the stars is going to be a trending hang this summer. But smoking outside, in nature—in the dark—requires certain supplies. Here are six must-have tools and treats for optimal stargazing seshes.

Design by Grace Han for Thrillist

A Smell-Proof Backpack

Revelry Supply is like the Herschel bag brand of the cannabis community. The Santa Cruz-based company has made a name for itself with their odor proof designs, creating useful, stylish bags with heavy duty canvas materials and smooth, nearly airtight zippers. They just dropped a collaboration with Higher Standards featuring a sturdy little fanny pack, a small pouch, and a bigger backpack, but this more compact size is just as useful. It’s got all the logical pockets and water bottle holders, etc., can comfortably fit an 8-inch bong along with necessary snacks and supplies, and it’s definitely smell proof. I can vouch for it personally.

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Delicious CBD Gummies

The first thing to pack in that bag is something for everyone: tasty, tangy CBD gummy worms. Not everyone in your crew may be flower smokers, or even into getting all that high, so break bread with all tolerances present and start your adventure with a shared dose of 10mg CBD. It’ll set the tone, aligning you and your friends with a little wave of chill as you leave the earthly realm behind you. Penguin has third-party certified lab results for every 30-piece container of gummies, and this sweet-and-sour multi-flavor combo pack covers any eventual munchie cravings.

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Light-Up Rolling Tray

Did you know these exist? Did you know they have speakers now?! I did not, but I am very happy to report you can get a rolling tray with a rainbow of LED light-up options that illuminate the tray’s contents. I also appreciate a tray with higher edges like this to contain your herb if a breeze picks up. Apparently, this Cookies brand tray features a small Bluetooth speaker to boot. No need to use your phone as speaker and flashlight anymore—save that battery life for time lapse shots of the meteor shower.

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Glow In The Dark Lighter Wrap

It is surprisingly difficult to find a glow in the dark lighter (huge tip for any product developers for weed brands out there!) Fortunately, Tighter Lighter makes an array of sticker wraps you can easily use to transform any bodega Bic lighter into your most important stargazing accessory. The reviews report a bright, vivid glow, which is not only helpful as you pack up the midnight picnic and head home, but during any poorly lit sesh that follows, making it harder for anyone to accidentally pocket your lighter.

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Portable Ashtray

Fire safety is paramount when smoking outdoors! Be a good nature enthusiast and ash responsibly with this portable ashtray, which features a button closure to extinguish any smoldering roaches. The slim size makes it easy to bring everywhere—as you should—and it’s made with thick, flame-proof PVC material, so you can easily wash with soap and water between seshes for many, many rotations to come. Stoners may love space, but we respect nature here on Earth first and foremost. 

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A Cozy, Lightweight Throw

As someone with serious botanical allergies, laying in grass is just not an option. You’ll be happy you remembered to bring something to lay out on, too. A beach towel works, but something bigger helps keep your other sesh materials in place. If you’re looking for something easy to pack and easy to incorporate into your living room, this Brushed Waffle Throw Blanket from UO is on sale right now for just $14.99 (all three colors!).

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