The Best Wireless Earbuds for Your Workout, According to Actual Athletes

These wireless earbuds will stay secure when you're moving, resist sweat, and keep the beat going so you can stay focused on your workout.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa
Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa
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If you did a Google search for "fitness earbuds" you’d be wading through hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of hits, making scrolling through them all a veritable workout in and of itself. After all, do you go for the no-nonsense buds or pony up for the set that claims it's louder and more bass-heavy than ANC headphones? Then there’s the limited edition sets…

Stop the scroll. Your time is way better spent perfecting your squat or squeezing in that lunchtime bike ride. So, to keep your energy focused where it should be, we asked a handful of fitness experts and athletes for the tried-and-true earbuds they use to power through every workout. Here are their top picks.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa

Best earbuds for running and biking outside

Aftershokz Aeropex
Price: $159.95
Sure, you want to hear your music. But it’s also important to be able to hear oncoming traffic and passerby when you’re out for a run or bike ride. That’s why Carrie Tollefson, Olympic runner and host of the C Tolle Run podcast recommends these earbuds. “They sit on top of your ear so you can hear your surroundings really well,” she says. It doesn’t hurt that this pair also boasts a lightweight, water-resistant design.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa

Best earbuds for CrossFit

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 350 Wireless Headphones
: $39.99
CrossFit and running coach Alison Heilig loves these lightweight earbuds for solo CrossFit workouts. They feature a loop that goes over your ear, which is key for sports like CrossFit: “Because CrossFit involves a lot of jumping, moving weights very quickly and explosively, and swinging on bars and rings, having headphones that are secure is super important,” Heilig explains. This pair also offers up to 6 hours of listening power and holds up under the sweatiest conditions.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa

Best battery life for endurance exercises

Jabra Elite Active 75t
Price: $149.99
If you need earbuds that will outlast your longest workouts—up to 7.5 hours nonstop—opt for this runner-approved pair. “They are true wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are easy to use and have good battery life,” says Lynette Pettinicchini, founder of Mint and Honey, Co. They’re 13.1 mile-approved, she adds. Plus, they’re waterproof, sweatproof, and feature a handy wireless charging case.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa

Best earbuds for long hikes

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones
Price: $129.95
“I’ve been training for and participating in endurance events since 2013—often hiking, running, or rucking alone—so I’ve gone through a few different headphones since then,” says Jamie Gold, a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach and author of Wellness by Design. “The SoundSport earbuds are by far my favorite.” This set has a comfortable fit, solid sound quality, and a long battery life. “Even on longer solo hikes, I haven’t run out of juice yet,” Gold says.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa

Best for calls when you’re out on a power walk or run

Apple AirPods
Price: $130
When Tollefson needs to record an audio workout or host a “run meeting,” she reaches for these earbuds. “The fit is nice, I like that they don’t have cords, and you can hear them well,” she says. 

Frankie Ruiz, chief running officer at Life Time and co-founder of the Miami Marathon also counts this pair among his favorites. “These are great because I can take calls when I’m on the go and the other person doesn’t know that I’m running,” he says. The one drawback: This pair has such great clarity it can be tough to hear what’s going on beyond them. For safety’s sake, you may want to save these for the treadmill.

Maitane | Romagosa

Best bass for that final set

Beats by Dre Powerbeats
Price: $199.95
When you need a pair of earbuds with heart-pumping bass, Giddeon Massie, two-time Olympic track cyclist, recommends this set. (It helps that the in-ear design fits more easily under a helmet.) Not only do these earbuds boast a great depth of sound, but they also feature ear hooks to keep them secure during fast-paced activities.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa

Best earbuds for meditation

Apple AirPods Pro
Price: $199.98
Massie likes these for their low profile, snug fit, and—most importantly—noise-cancelling feature. Activate this feature when you want to block outside noise and focus inward. Then, press and hold the sensor on the earbud stem when you’re ready to let outside sound in again.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa

Best for versatility

JBL Endurance Peak II
Price: $99.95
For a set that can handle any activity you throw at them, try this sweat- and water-proof pair. “They’re in-ear sport headphones that wrap around the ear, so I can do lots of movement without worrying about them falling out,” says professional beach volleyball player Geena Urango. Combine their staying power with 6 hours of play time, a charging case, and hands-free control, and you’ve got a great pair of all around earbuds.

Thrillist | Maitane Romagosa

The best bang for your buck

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 350 Wireless Headphones
Price: $39.99
These earbuds packs a ton of features at an affordable price. This pair offers an ear loop for staying power, up to 6 hours of listening time, and a comfortable and lightweight fit. Plus, it has the ability to resist both water and sweat.

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