The Ultimate Digital Nomad Packing List

We spoke with three professionals who’ve been hopping from city to city to find out what they pack to work efficiently, stay comfortable, and make any new place feel like home.

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Working from home for the last two years has proven that we can be just as, if not more, productive working remotely than in the office. Now, some companies are even embracing the WFH model as a permanent option, which gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere. Not only can this be good for your mental health, but it also gives you more opportunities to be close to family, embark on a road trip, or stay in a beautiful Airbnb close to the beach.

However, if there’s something we learned during our time working remotely, it’s that it comes with some unique challenges. First, you need to determine what essential items you need to effectively perform your duties. Then, you need to figure out how to pack them alongside your clothes and other accessories you may take on your workcation.

Does that sound complicated? Worry not! We’ve reached out to three professionals who’ve been doing exactly that since 2020. We talked to Ivanna Martinez-Gonzalez (a digital marketing manager at Outlier), Victoria Leandra (a political journalist and podcast host), and Eric Leven (an award-winning video producer and director) to get some tips on how they’ve managed to make remote work on the go a breeze.

From learning how to pack efficiently to anticipating the tech accessories you may need on the road, find out the tips and tricks they swear by below.


Packing Smart Goes a Long Way

“Grab a great and trusted buddy and travel together,” says Leven, who decided to ditch his small and pricey New York City apartment to hop from state to state at the beginning of the Pandemic. But when it comes to packing, he recommends you pare down your clothes, because “the more stuff you bring the more you’ll have to be responsible for.”

For Martinez-Gonzalez, her key to keeping herself organized (while traveling to different cities between Mexico and the U.S.) is using packing cubes. “I’ve nailed my packing time to 30 minutes only because I have a straightforward process and know where everything needs to go!” she says. “I have all chargers in one bag, medicines in another, etc.” When it comes to luggage, she recommends bringing different size options if you’re planning to travel within your city.

If you’re planning to bring a carry-on, Leandra, who’s been back and forth from Puerto Rico to the U.S. multiple times a year, swears by Solgaard’s Carry-On Closet. “[It’s] small but mighty! I can pack all my basics (mostly clothes) [in] here,” she says. “It’s easy to roll around in the airport, and it’s light enough for me to place it on the overheard shelves with no help on the plane.”


The Right Tech Accessories Make Life a Lot Easier

Choosing which electronics to pack obviously depends on what your specific job requires, but a wireless mouse and an anti-glare screen protector are great items to start with. (And as Martinez-Gonzalez says, “A second screen always helps!”) She also recommends using this portable extension cord to keep everything connected/charging in one place so you don’t forget to pack them when leaving. “Creating a ‘work/charging station’ when you arrive helps you keep your stuff organized.”

As for Leandra, having good quality headphones with her is crucial to do her live social video interviews, since the sound quality is a priority for her. “Noise cancellation is also great for when you’re working at a noisy location,” she adds.


Other Essentials to Add to Your Packing List

“Packing regularly and not having a ‘home’ is something I had to get used to,” Martinez-Gonzalez confesses. She also admits to experiencing FOMO when she saw everyone take on home renovations during the pandemic. For that reason, she opts to bring her own sheets, candles, and picture frames to make her rental “cozy and mine.” Since she sometimes partners with clothing brands, another essential she packs is her Nori steamer. “This one is less than two pounds, so it’s perfect for travel!”

In addition to bringing only his favorite pieces of clothing, Leven also recommends that, if you’re traveling by car and staying at Airbnbs, to bring your own spices, a big pan, tupperware, and any bathroom essentials you might need just in case.

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