8 Best-Selling Workout-Worthy Face Masks You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

These are some of the most popular and well-reviewed mask options to help keep you safe and comfortable while you sweat.

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If there's any consolation for the fact that we still have to wear face masks in public (and by the way, please wear a mask in public even if your'e vaccinated!), it's the incredible variety of masks that are now on the market that claim to be super comfortable even while you're working out. Still, the glut of different options out there can make picking a good one particularly tough.

To help keep you from becoming a sweaty-faced mess as you hit the gym this spring and summer, we tracked down some of the best-selling and most popular options that are flying off the figurative shelves on Amazon so you can shop confidently, invest wisely, and get those steps in as safely as possible.

Under Armour Adult Sports Mask
As with everything Under Armour makes, this face mask is explicitly designed to promote physical activity. Specifically, it's equipped "spacer" fabric that keeps it from uncomfortably gripping your nose or mouth, a breathable middle layer to keep moisture or sweat from passing through, and made from a "chilling" fabric that's been treated with an anti-microbial. There's a reason why it's raved about by both first responders who have to wear masks up to 18 hours a day, and fitness instructors who've been teaching in-person during the pandemic.
MISSION Adjustable Sport Mask
If you're still searching for a mask with a bit more control over the fit, this adjustable one from Mission is a great option. Not only is it well equipped to release heat and sweat while you work out (customers rave that it's lightweight, easy to breathe in, and keeps your face dry), but it features an adjustable strap in the back for maximum comfort.
TICONN Neck Gaiter (2-Pack)
For those of you who prefer a full neck gaiter covering, this stretchable, breathable, and moisture-wicking option is a worthy pick. And while it's not designed to keep you or others protected from COVID in enclosed spaces, it's very popular with folks who hike and run and need something to cover up when they encounter others on the trail.
QueensFace Mesh Dot Breathable Running Face Mask
Although it's dual-layered to keep you and those around you protected, lots of reviewers say this mask feels like you're just wearing a piece of breathable mesh, making it exceedingly comfortable while you're breaking a sweat or getting your steps in.
Cotton Face Mask with Nose Wire, Adjustable Earloop, and Lanyard (4-Pack)
Fashioned with two cotton and one polyester layer, reviewers love the fact that this reusable mask has a nose wire and rave about its comfort. Plus, the fact that it comes included with a lanyard makes it easy to keep at the ready if you're workout out outdoors and occasionally encounter passersby.
Alldriey Washable Face Mask with Adjustable Ear Loops
If you're looking for a mask with a bit more flair or color, these soft cotton masks are a good pick. They're available in 35 different colors and designs, and have earned rave reviews from customers who've found them to a great choice for day-long wearing, no matter what you're doing.
EnerPlex 3-Ply Reusable Face Mask (3-Pack)
With tons and tons of positive reviews from frontline workers who have to wear a reliable mask all day every day, these will serve you well (and comfortably) while you're moving around a bunch for extended periods of time. They feature a three-layer water-resistant fabric that's both against the skin, breathable, and ultimately properly protective. Even better? They come in over a dozen colors.
Outdoor Research Essential Face Mask
Not only do these feature adjustable ear loops for a custom fit, but they're also water and stain repellant, microbe-resistant, and can be washed up to 30 times and remain 100% effective. Reviewers love how breathable it is, and many claim it's become their go-to workout mask.