This Amazing Smokeless Fire Pit Is Back in Stock and Better Than Ever

BioLite's FirePit+ has been upgraded to burn warmer, longer, and stronger. Get yours while you can.

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If you've been looking for a fire pit and have noticed it's been slim pickings, it's because fire pits have been selling out faster than you can process "did he just say slim pickings?" The good news is that there is a very advanced, durable, and smokeless fire pit that was just restocked. And you can get it right now. Enter: BioLite's FirePit+. An upgraded version of the brand's best-seller, the FirePit (sans +).

The FirePit+ ($250) is a portable, smokeless, above-ground fire pit with Bluetooth capabilities. It will not make calls for you, but it will control the airflow into the fire, which makes it a great feature for cooking, or impressing the very niche community of tech-loving nerds with a proclivity for camping (I can say that because I am one).


The FirePit+ will burn both wood and charcoal and comes with an included grill gate for open-flame cooking (you can find the cooking accessory kit here). New improvements include an upgraded body design that radiates heat outwards, a high-tech enamel coating for durability and easy cleaning, and a larger battery for longer burn times. Speaking of the latter, you'll see a little yellow box on the fire pit. Housed within that is the fan which blows air through small vents that line the fire pit. You can control this airflow via buttons on the side or Bluetooth—offering you the perfect flame size for hanging around a fire or cooking up, well, some delicious bacon and eggs. To get a glimpse into how the whole operation works, check out their video here.