This Top-of-the-Line Bose Sound Bar Is Cheaper Than It's Ever Been

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Upgrading to a brand new big screen TV goes a long way towards improving your binge-watching, but if you really want to take things to the next level, you need to get serious about audio. One of the easiest ways to do that is by investing in a great sound bar, and today you can get one of the best from Bose for cheaper than ever.

The Bose SoundTouch 300, which has earned high marks for its wildly immersive audio prowess, is on sale at Amazon today for $250 below its regular price. You can grab it right now for $449, which is admittedly a significant chunk of change, but it's still a good deal for best-in-class home theater gear. The setup works well with all manner of new 4K TVs and is Alexa-enabled, meaning you can control it hands-free and also easily use it stream music from your favorite services. Not to mention, it's a stunner to look at thanks to a premium glass and metal grill finish.

It's slim and low-profile, but will bathe whatever space its in with full, rich sound. In fact, some reviewers argue it beats the renowned (and more expensive) Sonos Playbar. Plus, it's equipped something known as PhaseGuide technology, which calibrates the audio output based on where walls are so that it fills your room with sound no matter what space it's in.

And if you ever feel compelled to add some more oomph to it, it also seamlessly pairs with a number of other top-notch Bose home theater components like a bass module and surround speakers. 

Get the SoundTouch 300 on Amazon.