Get the Nintendo Switch Lite at GameStop for $200 Right Now

Grab it in gray or turquoise for just $200 (or $179 preowned)

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I'm going to keep this short and sweet because time is money. 

Get over to GameStop right now and pick yourself up a Nintendo Switch Lite in gray -- or turquoise -- for just $200. At this point, you already know how difficult it's been to get your hands on a Switch Lite (and don't get me started on how nearly impossible it is to get a new Nintendo Switch with Joy Cons). 

Anywho, get the Switch Lite, download some games (I recommend Mario Kart and Animal Crossing), grab your friends' code, and quickly forget what day it is or how long you've been playing. 

Want to make it a bundle? Check out the deal for a turquoise Switch Lite with Mario Kart for $259.

Don't delay, play today. Head over to GameStop to cop your system.

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