These Luxe Scented Candles Are on Sale, and Proceeds Are Going to NYC Food Banks

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Right now, when you purchase a candle -- or set of candles -- from luxe candlemaker Otherland, the brand will donate 10% of your purchase to local food banks in NYC. And the good news doesn't end there. You can also save 10% on your purchase using code SUNSHINE, and score an additional $10 off if you refer a friend.

Otherland's candles, which also double as colorful, decorative ephemera, are made from a coconut and sox wax blend with 100% cotton wick, and come in a variety of all-natural scents organized by category: Fresh, woody, leathery, floral, fruity, and smoky. If you're unsure about which aroma is right for you, you can test-out a "scent sampler" pack for $6.

Currently, they're stocked with two excellent themed collections: The Awakening Collection (made for spring) and the limited-edition Carefree-90s Collection, featuring candles with names like Dreamlight, Blue Jean Baby, and Glasspop. And while a single candle will set you back $36 (pre-discount), you can grab a pack of three for $89. 

Get a whiff of the savings, scents, and philanthropy over at Overland.

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