These Boxes of Fresh Premium Beef Are the Ultimate Grilling Essential

Carne Collective's top-notch Argentinian cuts will have you wowing at BBQs all summer long.

Courtesy of Carne Collective
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To pull off the sort of BBQ that guests will rave about for months, you need to perfect a few things. For one, you'll need to secure the appropriate grilling equipment (and familiarize yourself with some tips from the pros). You'll also want to cultivate the ultimate outdoor dinner party vibe courtesy of decor and accoutrements. Above all, though, you ought to ensure you're sourcing your meat from a purveyor you can trust to deliver incredibly delicious cuts. Fortunately, the team at Carne Collective has your back in that department.

Carne Collective is a subscription service dedicated to shipping grass-fed, pasture-raised beef from some of the best ranches in Argentina directly to you. In short, they make it wildly simple to get your hands on some of the tastiest beef in the world—that's also been ethically and sustainably raised—without even leaving your house. As a subscribing customer, you have your pick of three core boxes, each of which is stocked with a slightly different selection of cuts and curated monthly by CC's master butches. You'll also get to decide how frequently a new box arrives, and even customize your order by tacking on additional items you may be in the market for. Plus, it turns out to be a very reasonably priced investment (boxes run between $129 and $249 a pop, which calculates to around $4.25 per serving). 

To help you better understand just what a Carne Collective subscription gets you, here's a look at what you can expect to receive in each of its three core boxes

Courtesy of Carne Collective

The Campo Box

Price: $129 per shipment ($4.10 per serving)
What's included: Two Wet Aged Ribeyes, two Wet Aged Sirloin Steaks, one Wet Aged Skirt Steak, one pound Ground Chuck, and one order of Tenderloin Tips.

Courtesy of Carne Collective

The Asado Box

Price: $149 ($4.30 per serving)
What's included: Two Wet Aged Ribeyes, two Wet Aged Filet Mignons, one Wet Aged Skirt Steak, one Wet Aged Flank Steak, and one pound Ground Chuck.

Courtesy of Carne Collective

The Gaucho Box

Price: $249 ($4.38 per serving)
What's included: Two Wet Aged Ribeyes, two Wet Aged New York Strips, two Wet Aged Sirloin, two Wet Aged Skirt Steak, one Wet Aged Flank Steak, one pound Ground Chuck, one Wet Aged Whole Picanha (between three and four pounds), and two Filet Mignon.

If you need a little nudge to sign up for a new subscription, Carne is currently offering Thrillist readers an exclusive Father's Day deal on subscriptions to its Gaucho Box. You'll get 20% off your first box, and they'll even toss in two free eight-ounce filet mignons in all subsequent boxes for life when you use code THRILLIST. Though if even that isn't enough to convince you to hop aboard the subscription train, no sweat. Carne also allows you to create fully custom boxes, or shop a la carte for select items like flank steaks, ground chuck, and Picanha steaks.

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