Snooze, Stream, and Work From Bed More Comfortably With Site-Wide Casper Discounts

Happiness starts with a better bed.

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If you're anything like us, you're probably spending a bit more time in your bed these. Whether it's because the lure of a midday nap has never been stronger, the fact that it's become your favorite spot to take Zoom meetings, or simply a result of going to bed earlier and earlier every night, you may be realizing your mattress isn't quite as cushy as it could be. The good news? Casper is currently offering a discount on all of its mattresses and bedding, to make upgrading your slumber setup a bit easier on the wallet.

From now through May 11, Casper -- one of the most popular bed-in-a-box retailers -- is offering 10% off all orders, meaning you could potentially save hundreds of bucks on a new mattress, plus whatever new sheets, pillows, and bedding you're looking to take your coziness and comfort to new heights.

Casper has four different styles of memory foam and memory foam hybrid mattresses to pick from, from its entry-level Element, to the top-of-the-line Wave Hybrid. They're all available in six different sizes -- Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King -- but to give you an idea of the possible savings we've pulled out the discount you can expect on a Queen-sized version of each.

  • Get a Queen-sized Element for $536 (down from $595) - [Get it]
  • Get a Queen-sized Casper Original for $986 (down from $1,095) - [Get it]
  • Get a Queen-sized Nova Hybrid for $1,796 (down from $1,995) - [Get it]
  • Get a Queen-sized Wave Hybrid for $2,336 (down from $2,995) - [Get it]

A new bed is obviously a big investment, but Casper rarely offers site-wide discounts like this. And beyond mattresses themselves, the 10% offer extends to its four different types of bed frames, three different styles of pillows, and its selection of sheets, quilts, duvets, and weighted blankets, so it's worth poking around even if you're just looking to freshen up your stock of bedding.

Head to Casper and enter code GOODSNOOZE at checkout to slash a cool 10% off your order.

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