Level Out With 25% off Premium CBD Products from Cornbread Hemp

The third party-tested premium CBD brand just kicked off its Halloween sale a bit early for Thrillist readers, and is offering a cool 25% off all orders.

Cornbread Hemp
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This year has posed a unique challenge for plenty of us, not least of which has been figuring out a healthy way to cope with what has been an unrelentingly anxious era. So it's no surprise that people are experimenting with CBD more than ever before, as it has been shown to help reduce stress and promote better sleep habits. Luckily, if you've been looking for a reason to start experimenting with CBD in earnest yourself (without blowing a bunch of money), we've got on. One of our favorite CBD brands–Cornbread Hemp–just kicked off an early Halloween sale for Thrillist readers, and is offering 25% off all orders when you use code TREAT at checkout.

Cornbread Hemp

Although the key to finding out how CBD can best help you is by experimenting with different varieties and using it on a regular basis, Cornbread Hemp offers a huge selection of premium, full spectrum, USDA certified organic CBD products to try out. One Thrillist editor in particular has been using the brand's Whole Flower Oil for months, and has found it to be tremendously effective in helping him better manage the stress of working from home, and even sleep better. And in case you're looking for further confirmation that Cornbread's CBD is legit, all of its batches are tested by a third party lab to ensure potency and clarity.

Cornbread's lineup isn't limited to oils, though. It also makes topicals (especially helpful in treating pain and achy muscles), capsules (similar to its sublingual oils, just without the taste), and even CBD supplements for pets who may be a bit anxious themselves. In other words, they offer enough variety that you'll be able to find something that best suits your needs.

Of course, the key to finding out how CBD works best for you is by experimenting with different kinds and being consistent in your daily dosage. And while experimenting can admittedly become a bit pricey, this special discount offer from Cornbread Hemp will make doing so a lot easier on your wallet. Just use code TREAT at checkout to snag a cool 25% off your order.

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