Get 25% off These Lab-Tested CBD Products With Our Exclusive Discount Code

CBD rarely -- if ever -- goes on sale. From now until August 16th, you have the chance to save 25% off a number of excellent CBD products.

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Use THRILL25 at checkout to save 25% on these products! | Cornbread Hemp
Use THRILL25 at checkout to save 25% on these products! | Cornbread Hemp
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If you need a quick primer on CBD before diving into this sort of mystical and wonderful world, read our handy guide. Or this one. Once you've done that, hurry on back and check out this exclusive deal for Thrillist readers from Cornbread Hemp. From now until August 16th, you can save 25% off your order with the code THRILL25.

Why is this a big deal? CBD rarely goes on sale. The demand for the stuff is higher than ever and there's no better time to stock up than right now. Plus it's National CBD Day on August 8th, which is apparently a thing!

Still on the fence about whether CBD works? I've been using Whole Plant Oil from Cornbread for a few weeks now and I am a true believer. You have to use it daily to really get the optimum effects, but I've been sleeping better and managing the stress of working from home with a little more "it ain't that bad" kind of attitude. This also may be due to the fact that their 1,500mg CBD oil has a THC level of 0.23% (under the legal limit, as to not hit you with any negative psychoactive effects like paranoia or a racing mind). Simply put: This stuff works.

Cornbread also boasts that they make the strongest CBD oil allowed by federal law to be USDA certified organic -- and it's third-party tested (which is very important), so you can rest assured you're getting some the best oil on the market -- and there's A LOT of oils on the market.

But oils aren't all Cornbread has to offer. You can pick up topicals (great for sore muscles, joint pain, and dry skin), CBD for pets (we've all met a dog that could chill out a little), and CBD capsules (similar to the oil, but no taste and takes a little longer to kick in).

That's enough talk from me. Head over to Cornbread and stock up right now. And don't forget to punch in THRILL25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase.

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