10 Mouthwatering Charcuterie Boards That Will Arrive Just in Time for the Super Bowl

In need of food for the big game but don't feel like cooking? Let Goldbelly do the work for you.

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When I was a kid, there were two things I loved about Super Bowl parties: being able to stay up late on a Sunday night and eating entirely too much food. Now that I'm an adult, nothing has changed. Sure, I watch the game a little more...but we all know the food is the real MVP of Super Bowl Sunday.

To save you time and make you look like you apprenticed for a cheesemonger are these amazing charcuterie deals from Goldbelly. Order now and they'll arrive just before game day, ensuring you have something delicious to share with friends which requires almost no effort on your part. Here are the best charcuterie plates from around the nation—delivered straight to your door before February 7th.

Cheeseboarder—Terza Cheese & Charcuterie Board for 3-4
Shipping absolutely delicious cheese boards all over the U.S. from sunny West Palm Beach is Cheeseboarder. With their cheese and charcuterie board, you'll be getting "a bountiful platter of 13 gourmet selections of hand-sliced artisan cheese, charcuterie, specialty garnishes, crackers, and bamboo servingware." Everything comes from artisan producers and the platter serves 3-4 people.
Oakville Grocery—Cheese and Charcuterie Pairing for Red Wine
Oakville Grocery sits smack dab in Napa Valley and highly recommend you pair their cheese and charcuterie with a red wine from the region. For $69 you'll receive Point Reyes toma, McKinley cheddar, prosciutto San Daniele, Oakville Grocery salumi, Castelvetrano olives, Turkish apricots, Marcona almonds.
Blackberry Farm—Taste of the Farm Gift Box
Blackberry Farm is a James Beard award winning operation located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. They're gift box has everything you need to sample their best products. You'll be getting two seasonal cheeses, 6oz of sheep’s pimento cheese, sweet hot mustard, blackberry shortbread cookies, blackberry jam, reserved blueberry jam, buttermilk biscuits, smoked onion jam, tomato brined okra, foothills cuisine cookbook, and a Blackberry Farm cap—for good measure.
Cochon Butcher—Butcher Charcuterie Box for 4
Cochon Butcher opened in New Orleans in 2009 as a butcher shop/restaurant and has earned a reputation for their delicious and gigantic sandwiches. However, you're here for their charcuterie. Order today today and get 8oz of mortadella, 8oz of cotto salami, 2oz of sopressata salami, 4oz of hog’s head cheese, 2oz of lonzino, and jar of Abita Amber mustard.
Eli Zabar—Charcuterie Board
Eli Zabar got its start in NYC in 1973 and has seen unbridled success ever since. Order a charcuterie board from them and you'll be getting three types of salami: hot, sweet, truffle and fennel infused; either prosciutto or lombo (depending on availability); sliced cured lardo; French cornichon pickles; and Eli’s famous crisps and savory crackers.
Olympia Provisions—European Salami Sampler with Red Gift Box
Order the salumi sampler from Olympia Provisions (Portland, Oregon) and you'll be getting four delicious salumis that include loukanika (Greek salami flavored with garlic & cumin, and a touch of orange zest; chorizo rioja (a Spanish-style salami with sweet and smoked paprika, garlic & oregano; salami nola (a ground Italian salami with black pepper, chili flake and allspice; and saucisson sec (a French salami flavored with garlic and black pepper).
Weaver's of Wellsville—Meat and Cheese Lovers Care Package
Founded in 1889, Weaver's has been cookin' up meats over a hickory fire using secret family recipes for over 100 years. Their meat & cheese lovers package comes with one pack of sweet beef sticks with cheddar cheese (6 sticks), one ring of hot pepper cheese bologna (1.25lbs), one sweet with hot pepper cheese small batch bologna (1.33lbs), one pack of smoked franks with hot pepper cheese (4 links, 1lb total), and one pound of smoked Swiss cheese. Serves up to 15 people.
Alewel's Country Meats—Jalapeño Cheddar Beef Summer Sausage (3 Pack)
The sausage recipes from Alewel's Country Meats were developed over 80 years ago—and are still used to this day. All the meats are made in Concordia, Missouri (where the shop has been for nearly 100 years). Their jalapeno cheddar beef kit will serve up to 18 people—with three 12oz sausages.
Salume Beddu—Best Seller's Gift Pack
Right around the corner from the St. Louis Zoo is Salume Beddu—one the best butcher shops in the greater St. Louis area. Included in the Best Seller's Pack, you'll find three 6.oz sausages: Finocchiona, which is their Tuscan style salame that's flavored with toasted fennel, black pepper, garlic, and red wine; Calabrese, their Calabrian-style salame that's spicy and flavored with dried chiles, smoked paprika, coriander, wine & garlic; and finally Veneto, which is a lean, Venetian-style salame made with Eastern spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and more.
Salty Pork Bits—Iberian Charcuterie Gift Box (5 Salami Pack)
Salty Pork Bits is based in Pittsburg and selects only the best meat from sustainable, humane farms. In this five pack, made almost entirely from American Iberico pigs, you'll receive chorizo, fuet, Padrón pepper, morcilla achorizada, and Iberian pepper. Each salami measures about 3.5oz & 5" long.
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