Cheap Thanksgiving Flight Deals That Are Still Up For Grabs

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If you were well-prepared this year and booked your Thanksgiving travel early, our hats are off to you. However, for those of us who typically scramble until the last-minute (or straight-up forget) to nab tickets to see our friends and family for Turkey Day, things get prohibitively pricey, and fast. 

Luckily, we come bearing good news: it's not too late to get a good deal on a flight out of town during Thanksgiving travel week. To help us find them, we tapped our friends at Kayak, who rounded up some of the best round-trip deals that're still up for grabs to and from major cities between Novermber 27 and December 1, 2019 (that's the Wednesday before and Sunday after Thanksgiving this year, by the way). We also organized them in three price tiers: under $200, under $200, and under $400. 

Just don't snooze on these, because these prices will likely climb fast (and high). 

Best flight deals under $200 round trip

Best flight deals under $300 round trip

Best flight deals under $400 round trip

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