This Premium Meat Delivery Service Will Give You Free Ribeye Steaks

The Chicago Steak Company is offering a special promo right now that'll hook you up with four free ribeye steaks with any purchase over $149.

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While you don't necessarily need a backyard or proper BBQ setup to turn out delicious grilled meals this summer, there is one non-negotiable when it comes to maximizing flavor: quality meat. And if you're not comfortable venturing out to your local butcher to stock up on the good stuff, there are plenty of excellent options online to get choice cuts delivered to your door. For example, Chicago Steak Company, a popular purveyor of premium Midwest-raised beef and more, offers an extensive selection of steaks for home delivery, and is making it doubly enticing to fill your fridge and freezer with them right now thanks to a promo that'll score you four free ribeye steaks.

Right now, if you purchase $149 or more worth of meat from Chicago Steak Company, you'll be able to snag four free 8-ounce premium angus ribeye steaks when you use code 4RIBEYES at checkout. Sure, $149 may sound like a lot of money to spend on steak, but all of the ones CSC sells are hand cut and selected by pro butchers, and come vacuum-sealed to preserve them with the freshest and fullest flavor possible (so you can safely stash them in the freezer and thaw for cooking throughout the summer).

Scope out the full selection of mail-order steaks up for grabs right here, and don't forget to use code 4RIBEYES at checkout to lock in your free cuts of premium beef.

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