Satisfy Your Craft Beer Cravings With This Convenient Delivery Service

Every fridge is a beer fridge if you try hard enough.

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It's no surprise that alcohol sales are booming, as many of us have taken comfort in drinking a bit (okay, a lot) more frequently as a way of easing the burden of a prolonged lockdown. And considering the widespread availability of liquor and wine delivery services, there's no reason to limit your variety of boozy beverages when cocktail hour comes around. If you've been hankering for a solid stash of craft beer, though, you may be having a tougher time. That's where the intrepid team at Craft Beer Club comes in.

Craft Beer Club is a beer (or more specifically, beers) of the month subscription club that ships you a variety pack of brews from a smattering of small, craft microbreweries every month. Specifically, its goal is to introduce you to smaller hitters in the industry: microbreweries with small distribution that you might otherwise have a tough time finding locally. 

Depending on how much you intend to drink, you can sign up to receive a pack of 12 or 24 beers monthly (each containing three cans/bottles of four different styles of beer apiece, and priced at $43 and $81 per shipment, respectively). You can also sign up for an ongoing subscription, or limit it to a particular length, and also opt to receive shipments once every other month or just once per quarter, if you don't think you'll go through a box per month. 

In terms of the beers you can expect to receive, recent shipments have included things like the Undercurrent IPA from Moline, Illinois-based Bent River Brewing Company, Oregon-based Caldera Brewing Company's Light Lager, and a Koln-Style Classic Kölsch Ale from Prost Brewing Company in Denver. 

Head to Craft Beer Club to sign up, and quench your insatiable thirst for quality beer while staying put.

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