Friday Deals: GoPros, Echoes, Bonsais, Bose… and Much More

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On this Friday, which is good, we see deals on GoPros, an Echo 8, knives, a bonsai tree, and a lot of other things. And as we slowly transition into a relaxed weekend of cooking, game playing, and FaceTiming exes, let us not forget the simple things that make hard times that much more bearable. Like a hot shower. Or a melody from John Prine. Have a great weekend, and w'll see you on Monday.

A GoPro HERO 7 is down to $228

Although it might not seem like you'd need a GoPro right this instant, investing in one would be wise. Just think about the times to come and the adventures you'll have. Jumping off of things into water. Riding things next to water. Swimming around things underwater. Plus, everything you shoot is in 4K
Be a Pro on Amazon

Get a bonsai tree for only $22

Lowe's is offering up a great deal on a Chinese Elm bonsai for the low(e) price of $22. Bonsai trees are typically much more expensive, but this is a great starter tree if you're looking to get into a new hobby with minimal money involved. Everything is included (pot, tree, dirt), so you'll be good to go from box to bookshelf.
Get it at Lowe's

Other notable deals of the day

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