Wednesday Deals: Sunglasses, Sleep Enhancers, Speakers, and So Much More

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Have you noticed how many car commercials there are now? Are people buying cars? What am I missing? Anyways, something to think about. Wednesday brings us deals on sleep aids from Casper, sunglasses from Oakley, headphones from Urbanears, and a lot more. Take a gander.

Save 30% off ALL eyewear from Oakley

Whether you're looking for a new pair of shades or a slick pair of prescription glasses to show off on your Zoom calls, Oakley's hooking it up with 30% off everything. 
Throw shade on your eyeballs at Oakley

Save 10% off your total order from Casper

Casper is known for their beds, but they also have a ton of other great and insanely comfortable items like pillows, duvets, sheets, and even weighted blankets! Hit the site, use the code GOODSNOOZE, and catch some Zs.
Get the high score in counting sheep at Casper

Other notable deals of the day

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