Friday Deals: A Bundle of Plants, a Google Nest Mini, Motorcycle Gear, and More

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Days come and go as fleeting moments of time that shine brilliantly like a supernova before disappearing into the universe of our minds. But on this day, we have deals on succulents, a Google Nest Mini, a Sharp 55" TV, moto gear, and a lot more. 

Get a bundle of succulents for your home (or to give as gifts) 

For the low price of $29, you can get a pack of 25 individual succulents. They're small, but dammit they're resilient! Things to do with them: make a terrarium. Put some in your bathroom, decorate your room, or gift them to friends. Friends love getting plants. Or at least they should.
Grab your 25-pack from Amazon

Grab a Google Nest Mini (formally known as a Google Home Mini) for $29

A lot of $29 deals today. Anyway, a Google Home Mini is a great addition to your living room, kitchen, and yes, even the bathroom (I have one in my bathroom, and use it daily). It won't turn your party into a rave, but it will control your lights, appliances, and play music at a reasonable volume -- all by voice commands. 
Get yours today from B&H

Other notable deals of the day 

  • Aether is having a blowout sale of very solid motorcycle gear. Save 25% sitewide with the code STAYATHOME [Live the ATGATT life at Aether
  • Save $31 on a Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker, now just $79 [Get it on Amazon]
  • Sharp is selling a 55" 4K smart TV for only $299, brand new [Get it at Best Buy]
  • Marshall's Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker is 27% off for a limited time. It's a damn fine Bluetooth at that. [Get it on Amazon]
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