The Best Tuesday Deals: Always-Hot Coffee Mugs, PlayStation 4 Pros, and More

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It’s Tuesday, do you know where your sales are?

In today’s Daily Deals, we’ve rounded up bargains on Instant Pots, cast iron cookware, PlayStation 4 Pros, automatic heating mugs, sous vide immersion cookers, and more. 

Get $100 off an Ember temperature controlled mug

If you’re typically too busy running around in the morning to sip your full cup of coffee before it gets cold, this nifty temperature controlled mug is an office essential. It pairs with a dedicated app and keeps whatever’s inside at a precise temperature of your choice, so you can truly enjoy your piping hot caffeine kick even if your day gets away from you. 
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Get 30% off a Strata Home sous vide immersion cooker

Sous vide cooking (immersing vacuum-sealed meat/veggies in strictly controlled boiling water) can be a bit daunting, but it’s totally worth it for the next-level flavors it produces. Also, it’s super simple to pull off with a tool like this special gadget, which clamps onto the side of any pot and will automatically heat water to the precise temperature for whatever you’re cooking.
Get it at Monoprice

Other notable deals of the day

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