The Best Monday Deals: Big Tile Tracker Discounts, Uniqlo Bargains, and More

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Mondays suck, but these sales from around the web most definitely do not.

In today’s Daily Deals, we’ve tracked down bargains on new iPads, a bunch of Tile Trackers, mesh Wifi systems, a huge selection of Uniqlo goods, and more. Much like the weekend, though, they’ll be gone before you know it. 

Get up to 40% off Tile trackers

Nobody’s perfect, though some of us are less perfect about keeping tabs on our stuff than others. If you’d include yourself in that bunch, then you’re a perfect candidate for any one of Tile’s nifty tracking devices. Their Bluetooth-enabled dongles attach to just about anything you can’t afford to lose -- your wallet, bag, keychain, etc. --  and can be easily tracked via a dedicated app so that you can quickly locate them from afar. 
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Get up to 70% off tons of Uniqlo gear during its huge winter sale

We’re big fans of Uniqlo here, thanks to its commitment to making solid wardrobe staples and its affordable price points. We’re especially big fans of its prices right now, because it’s offering a whole bunch of its stuff -- including excellent outerwear and sweaters -- for up to 70% off during its huge Winter Sale.
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Other notable deals of the day

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