Tuesday Deals: A Bluetooth from Bose, Two Google Home Minis, Activewear, and More

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This Tuesday we're kicking things off with a special offer from Bose on their SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker, two Google Home Minis for the price of one, an upgrade to your porcelain throne (we're talking bidets, people), a smartwatch, and more.

For a limited time grab a Bose SoundLink Micro for $80 -- down from $100

Bose's reputation as a leader in audio speaks for itself, so I really don't need to tell you that this mighty portable speaker is waterproof, comes equipped with a clip for your bike or backpack, and will hit you with super clean sound for 6+ hours. Grab it while you can. 
Get the SoundLink Micro over at Bose

Why get one Google Home Mini when you can grab two for $40?

That's right, two Google Home Minis are on sale for $40 (normally $80), so grab this deal before they sell out -- and they will sell out. I have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, and I'll tell you this: There's no going back to a pre-Google Home lifestyle. 
Get the set at Woot

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