Monday Deals: Tools for $20, a K-Mini Coffee Maker, Bose Headphones, and More

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What's goin' on savvy shoppers? Welcome back to another week of great deals. Some excellent items up for grabs today: a home repair kit for $20, a K-Mini coffee maker for $40 off, Bose headphones for 25% off, waterproof JBL speakers, and much more.

Get this Hyper Tough 116-Piece Home Repair Tool Set for $20 and fix up your pad

This is a great toolkit for people living in apartments that like to take care of small repairs themselves. You're getting measuring tape, a hammer, screwdrivers, a socket set, an Allen key set (hex wrench), pliers, and an adjustable wrench. This is enough to hang small shelves, assemble/fix furniture, and make small repairs to things like cabinets and fixtures. Plus, it's only $20!
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Keurig's K-Mini Plus Single Serve is $40 off, down to $60

I love walking to the coffee shop in the morning. I see people with dogs. It helps me wake up. I see more people with dogs. But sometimes it's raining/snowing/so hot I sweat just looking outside. On these occasions, it's great to have a small coffee maker that is easily stored away and used as needed. Case in point: This Mini-K. It won't stay on sale for long, so grab yours now. 
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Other notable deals of the day

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